You can now do more with Microsoft Excel for the Web with the new features

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Excel users have something to smile about with the latest features introduced.
  • With the new upgrades, you won’t have to keep switching to the desktop app.
  • From the look of things, more features are on the way that could enhance the user experience.
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Microsoft has announced a significant upgrade to its Microsoft Excel web app that makes editing spreadsheets easier on the go or at work.

Microsoft announced a number of upgrades to its web-based spreadsheet software, Microsoft Excel. Among other things, the upgrades will improve the user experience for those working on large files and those with legacy features.

Web upgrade

Using Excel for the Web, Microsoft is adding a number of editing capabilities for files stored in SharePoint. Files up to 100MB in size can now be opened and edited, which will allow users to work with thousands of rows of data.

In addition, files containing Legacy Art objects and SmartArt can also be edited. Previously, they would have had to switch to its desktop counterpart, Microsoft Excel, to finish working on such an extensive spread.

“We are excited to share that you can now open and edit more files on the web and complete your job anywhere, in the browser of your choice,” 

Access to password-protected

Microsoft also revealed it’s working to add several more features to the app, including support for its Office 365 subscribers, enabling them to edit files with large amounts of material up to 100 MB in size located on OneDrive

Microsoft also announced that it has added another set of features to its browser-based Excel service, including the ability to work with files larger than 10MB from OneDrive and the option to edit workbooks with shared features, in addition to data wizard connections.

Using Microsoft Excel Online, you can now open and interact with secured files, including modifying them and creating new ones. Similarly, you can use a web browser to edit password-protected workbooks on Microsoft Excel Online—something you previously couldn’t do.

It seems Microsoft Excel will be getting more features so look out for more updates.

How will the new features help you in your tasks? Does it make it easier? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.