You can install short M.2 SSDs into Xbox Series X/S with conversion adapter

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Xbox Series X and S users can now install select M.2-2230 SSDs with a newly released conversion adapter by a Chinese company.
  • The adapter only allows select SSDs that meet specific firmware and international formats.
  • The conversion adapter is targeting new Microsoft game consoles.
You can install short M.2 SSDs Into Xbox Series X/S

Sintech, a Chinese company, has released a conversion adapter that lets Xbox Series X and S users install given M.s-2230 SSDs on the expansion slots. The adapter is targeting Microsoft’s latest consoles to enable cheap storage upgrades.

Game sizes are continuously updating and increasing in size necessitating more storage space. The launch of the new adapter is a welcome to the gaming world and could end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

Type-B interface

The conversion adapter connects it to a CFexpress Type-B interface. It can also be used for users who wish to make their own CFexpress Type-B card with DSLR cameras as long as they use appropriate card readers. Currently, the adapter is retailing at $29.99.


While the adapter can house any M.2-2230 drive with a PCIe interface, the consoles are only compatible with specific firmware present in select SSDs. There is no known number of the SSDs that are available in the market and fit the specific requirements.

Judging from this Twitter user, it seems the adapter has a load of compatibility issues.

The latest Xbox Series X/S consoles from Microsoft use proprietary storage expansion cards in CFexpress 1.0 TYPe-B form factor. They also use two PCIe Gen4 lanes. The cards are extremely expensive since they are produced by only one company; Seagate. For 1TB, you can get the card at $220. You can also build an expansion drive using a CFexpress and a compatible SSD provided you find matching suitable parts.

Will you be using the conversion adapter? Do you feel it enhances the gaming experience and is it worth the price? Let us know in the comment section below.