Your Phone app can run at startup in Windows 10

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  • Two new features are being rolled out slowly for Microsoft's Your Phone app.
  • One of them should change the apps' behavior upon computer startup.
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Two new features are coming to Windows 10 Your Phone app

Microsoft continues to improve Your Phone, the app that connects all your Android and iOS devices to your Windows 10 laptop or PC, for a single, compact view and easier management.

A recent tweet from ALumia revealed two new features that are being introduced.

For now, they are in staggered rollout and they might be available for all users in a few days.

What are the new Your Phone features?

1. What’s New page

what's new your phone app

As the name says, this feature will open a page that informs users of new features that have been added.

This should make it easier for the user to get all the app‘s new additions in one glance, upon launch.

2. App startup toggle

app startup your phone

The second feature, if activated, will allow Your Phone app to launch when your Windows 10 device boots.

This will ensure immediate connection to your smartphones and presumably save a little bit of time.

Users will be able to activate this feature in the Personalization pane, by toggling the dedicated button.

If you want to disable this feature at a later date, you will be able to do so either from the app or directly from the Startup tab in Task Manager.

Remember that enabling this feature might add yet another app to the bundle of programs that are being launched when Windows 10 starts, and this might put a little strain on your system.

In case the app isn’t already installed on your device, you can get it from Microsoft Store.

Did you get the chance to test the new features? If so, tell us your opinion in the comments section.

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I’ve been using this for over two years and it’s incredible how far it has come. It’s so much easier to respond to text messages and transfer pics back and forth than any other workaround I’ve ever used. Why this hasn’t been around for 5-10 years is what’s baffling. There are a couple things that still stump me. For example, if for some reason the phone loses sync, troubleshooting is a nightmare. There is no App once installed on the phone. Instead there are a number of settings and permissions in various places within the android system. Why they aren’t consolidated into a single app is a mystery.

On the PC, unlike most programs, there is no shortcut icon that can be placed on the desktop. You can’t drag a shortcut to the desktop. You can’t right-click and get the location of the app to get the shortcut. And if you’re one of those people like me that uses the old taskbar, you can’t place it there either. I can launch Android apps from my desktop, and with the latest build I can now even put shortcuts to my Note 9 apps on my desktop and run them on my machine, but a search for the app in Windows Explorer just to find a link to launch from elsewhere still remains elusive. I haven’t put much time into it but I shouldn’t need to. Sadly, the only option is within the app itself to pin it to the taskbar which I don’t do because pinned apps take up too much horizontal space on the bar. Nor canI minimize it to my tray which is where I would prefer it.

I find all of this rather bizarre and don’t understand why it’s treated so different from everything else. It’s a tremendously helpful and useful app that was sorely needed and it keeps getting better. So why make access to it so complicated?