Google fixes YouTube access bug on Chromium-based Edge

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Edge Insider build no longer support new YouTube

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Recent reports revealed that some websites do not support the new Chromium-based Edge. As a matter of fact, YouTube often stopped working with the new browser.

Microsoft has been working on this project for a long time and users were excited to use the revamped browser.

The excitement slowly vanished with the passage of time because of this issue.

At first, it looked like the web was not ready to fully accept the new browser. More specifically, rumors suggested that Google intentionally removed support of its services on the Edge browser.

However, Google was quick to confirm that was not the case.

YouTube fully supports the new Edge browser.

This should reassure the users who got an error message asking them to download Chrome when trying to access YouTube on the new Edge browser.

Usually, this was the error message that they got:

Your browser is not supported. Try it with the latest Google Chrome.

Google removes Edge from its blacklist

The good news is that Google fixed this problem and you can now access YouTube via your Edge browser.

The fix for this working in the new Edge should be in production for all users shortly. Kudos to @wanderview for bringing this to YouTube‘s attention.

This shows that Google didn’t block Edge on purpose. This was only a technical glitch that the search engine giant fixed soon after it was reported by users.



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