Fix: Error 0x80070005-0x90002 on Windows 10

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Since free upgrade period ended on July 29, only way to get Windows 10 is to perform the clean install. Many users reported error 0x80070005-0x90002 while using Media Creation Tool, so let’s see how to fix this error.

Error 0x80070005-0x90002, how to fix it?

Media Creation Tool is a popular tool that downloads Windows 10 ISO file and creates a bootable media in just a few steps. This is an official tool from Microsoft, and users worldwide use it to create Windows 10 installation media. Since this is the only tool that allows you to download Windows 10 ISO files and create bootable media, it’s easy to see how error 0x80070005-0x90002 can cause so many problems. Even though problems with Media Creation Tool can be troublesome, there are few ways to fix these problems.

Solution 1 – Remove your antivirus software

Users reported that error 0x80070005-0x90002 can be caused by your antivirus software, therefore it’s advised that you disable it or remove it while using Media Creation Tool. Almost any antivirus tool or firewall can cause this error to appear, therefore be sure to remove all antivirus programs from your PC in order to fix this error.

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Solution 2 – Try using Media Creation Tool on a different PC

If your computer is giving you error 0x80070005-0x90002 while using Media Creation Tool, you might want to try using it on a different PC. Users reported that they are unable to create a bootable media with Media Creation Tool on their PC, but the issue was easily fixed after using the Media Creation Tool on a different PC.

According to users, you just need to choose an option to create a media for another computer, insert a blank DVD or USB flash drive and wait for Media Creation Tool to complete the process. After doing that you can use the bootable media on your PC to install Windows 10.

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Error 0x80070005-0x90002 can cause big problems if you’re trying to create a Windows 10 bootable media, but we hope that you fixed this issue after using one of our solutions.


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