Reserve Parking in Advance with Parking Panda App for Windows 8

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Finding parking spots can be quite frustrating, especially on a busy day or on a rush hour, whether we are talking about crowded city or about a peripheral area. Furthermore, finding or reserving a parking space in advance is a must when you are traveling in other countries or in places that are not familiar for you.parking panda windows 8
Well, now you can manage these things easier as there is a dedicated Windows 8 app to use in that matter. So, with Parking Panda you will be able to reserve a parking spot in advance right from your desktop, laptop, or in real time by using your tablet or smartphone. Using this software is easy as you will get all the info needed within a few seconds on an intuitive user interface. Anyway, for further details, don’t hesitate and read the small review from below.

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Parking Panda: reserve a parking spot in more than 40 cities

Parking Panda is an awarded Windows 8 tool and great and highly appreciated software by almost all the users who have tested it. As mentioned, the tool can run on desktop and laptops and also on portable devices, which means that you can have a parking service that can be used in real time, right on your pocket. That’s great especially if you want to have access in crowded places or if you want to take your family in a trip where you don’t know if you will be able to find parking spots at the right time.reserve parking

Reserve parking in advance comes with other advantages such as discounts (you can save up to 70% from the full price) for several parking lots, garages or private spaces around various cities and locations. More than 40 cities are being included in Parking Panda, everything being at your disposal through an easy to use interface – for reserving a parking place you just have to search for the desired area, pick your favorite spot and tap on the “get parking” key.

Parking Panda is available for free on Windows Store, so you can anytime test this useful app on your Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows RT device.

Download Parking Panda from Windows Store.


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