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Are you big on burning movies? Then, the Ashampoo software will definitely tickle your fancy. The software will help you burn data, movies, and music to CD, DVD, and Blu-ray discs from the Internet.

The application helps users a lot because it comes with a lot of features, in that, you can edit and produce movies and slideshows or even create video discs.

Ashampoo comes with custom animated menus, opening, and closing credits together with customizable auto-play settings that a load of exciting possibilities.

The program also creates MP3 and standard audio discs and also supports disc-ripping with automatic track naming and cover search. 

Main Ashampoo features

  • Handles and burns ISO images-Most of the users deal with ISO files, The application provides users with a convenient way of creating and burning file pictures with a lot of ease. It offers support for ISO and BIN/CUE.
  • Shareware quality-The software maintains the quality, this is because it receives regular updates whenever there are any changes.
  • Burning movies-Ashampoo helps users burn HD and full HD movies from an instant file. It is also time conscious as compared to burning softwares. You can copy and burn movies by making just a few clicks.
  • Password security- Through the software you can also store and burn your data on the external drives or discs for protection thanks to the powerful backup technology. It also comes with an in-built compressor that helps keep files in reasonable sizes.

Why should I get the Ashampoo software during this Christmas?

  • Encrypt and compress backups
  • Extraction options
  • Simple user experience
  • Variety disc formats
  • File burning options
  • Easy copies of discs
  • Highly portable
  • Free licence key

You should head on to their official website because they have amazing deals during this year’s Christmas. A couple of their products are on sale, head on over there to identify which product suits you best.

Get Ashampoo

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