Best 360° projectors for panoramic images [2020 Guide]

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Best 360-degree projectors

Evolution of 360-degree imagery has revolutionized the way we see and do things. 360 degrees technology has touched, refined and polished the digital platform in limitless ways, most notable being the 360-degree cameras. Though an increasing number of cameras can shoot 360-degree videos, only a limited number of display devices can show the videos the way they were shot. Read on to discover the 360-degree projectors that can display the images and videos as a seamless 360-degree panorama.

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The top 3 360-degree projectors

Coolview CVWU8600 10000 lumens projector

Best 360-degree projectors

Ideal for large theater, outdoor advertising or for 3D mapping projections, the Coolview CVWU8600 does not disappoint when it comes to widescreen projections. The projector is capable of achieving unprecedented brightness levels up to 10,000 lumens. What’s more? It features a full HD 360 degrees fisheye lens, which makes it great for use in a digital planetarium. The high contrast ratio is due to the new USHIO 450W lamp that has an extended lamp life of 6000hrs.

In addition, the WU8600 is able to project 360 degrees vertically, so you can use it in various multi-media scenarios. The projector comes with a dust-proof filter so you can use it even in a sandy or dusty environment. The projector also comes equipped with an anti-theft lever that adds a layer of security. Other useful features include prioritized LAN network control, multiple lenses options, and multiple customization options.

Buy from Alibaba – $2,550-3,450

FLYIN PLWU8600F 10000 lumens 3600 fisheye lens projector


The FLYIN PLWU8600 projector delivers high brightness levels of 10,000 ANSI lumens and high definition videos of 1920 x 1200 resolution. The 3LCD video projector features a 0.76-inches panel and a full complement of inputs, HDMI included. The projector utilizes a 360 degrees fisheye lens which makes it ideal for use in multi-media scenarios. The lens can shift in 360 degrees so you can adjust the image position without moving the projector.

You can choose one from the 5 optional lenses provided, but the PLWU8600F comes with the standard lens included. Due to the high contrast ratio of 3500:1, it is best suited for professional uses such as in concert halls. Other useful features include Anti-theft lock, one touch lens replacement, and network control capability.

Buy from Alibaba – $3,200-3,500

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IT 3600 projector

Virtual Reality has proved that it’s here to stay, and more and more players are investing in VR related products. Siimple Inc, a promising VR company has come up with a new product after many years of trial and error. The product takes the form of a modular based computer system integrated with a 360-degree lens tilt camera and a projector.

By combining a 360-degree projector, a 360-degree camera, and a computer, Siimple Inc has created a new type of virtual reality. It’s a 3-in one product that you can use to project panoramic 360-degree videos, record videos in 360 degrees, and use it as an everyday computer. However, the product is still a work-in-progress, after successfully raising $5,331 on Indiegogo crowd funding campaign.

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While the 360-degree projectors are few, we expect more to hit the market due to the ever growing demand for 360-degree videos. The 360-degree projection technology is on the rise and we’ve seen companies such as Pixelwix investing heavily in 360-degree projection screens and domes. However, the price for the 360-degree projectors will most likely be on the top end as seen in the few projectors we’ve listed.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2017 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.