Best 360° USB microphones to buy [2020 list]

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360 degrees usb microphones

A USB microphone is a key accessory in the digital arena. You might need it to record a podcast, Skype with your colleagues, or even take notes in lectures and conferences. Whether at home or in your professional career, you’ll need a microphone that won’t let you down or break the bank. And that’s where 360 degrees USB microphones come in.

In choosing the right USB microphone, one of the important things to think about is the pickup pattern. Omnidirectional microphones will pick up audio in 360 degrees while cardioid microphones only pick what is in front of the mic. The type of show you are hosting should determine the type of microphone to use. In this article, we have rounded up a list of the best 360 degrees USB microphones for all your audio requirements.

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Best 360 degrees USB microphones

Soundtech CM-1000 USB Conference Microphone (recommended)

360 degrees USB microphones

The Soundtech CM-1000 USB omnidirectional microphone combines a sleek design with 360 degrees pickup for unparalleled sound performance. Ideal for all PCs and handheld applications such as lectures and conferences, the CM-1000 utilizes the daisy chain capabilities for wide area coverage. The built-in noise reduction and echo cancellation features help to enhance the audio quality.

360 degrees USB microphones are still in the infant stage, but the Soundtech CM-1000 packs attractive features that give it a competitive edge. The microphone comes in its own padded pocket pouch, so you can easily carry it in your pocket. Smaller than the palm of your hand, the CM-1000 delivers exceptional 360 degrees pickup for wide area coverage. No software driver or external power is required to operate it. Just plug it into the USB port of your PC and you are ready to go.

CAD U7 USB desktop recording mic review (suggested)

Cad_u7_360_degrees_usb_microphonesCAD Audio has been a leader in professional microphones, delivering innovative solutions to performers for over 85 years. Their 360 degrees USB microphone, CAD U7 is the ideal desktop solution for capturing ambient audio and speech into Windows and Mac PCs. It sports a sleek and low profile design that makes it ideal for home and office use. You can use it for Skype and other VOIP calls, as well as to dictate notes or record meetings.

The CAD U7 microphone comes with a 10-feet cable and works great with all versions of Windows. The omnidirectional polar pattern allows for 360 degrees audio coverage while the condenser microphone element makes it highly sensitive. Its ease of use is also remarkable. Just plug into your PC and starts recording. You can even add audio to slide presentations.

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Blue Microphones Snowball Ice Condenser Mic

Blue_snowball_ice_360_degrees_usb_microphonesIf you want a 360 degrees USB microphone that can capture high-quality audio for vocals or multimedia production, then you might want to try out the Snowball. Available in white, black, blue, orange, and chrome, Snowball USB microphones not only have a good reputation in sound production but also an eye for fashion. Snowball Ice mic is equipped with the state-of-the-art Blue Condenser Capsule technology to deliver crystal clear audio right to your desktop. Connectivity via USB is easy and the plug and play features ensure no addition gear is required.

You can take your Snowball Ice condenser anywhere with you and record pristine audio from all angles. It allows you to host VoIP and conference calls without missing any detail or even stream live audio in high quality. Better even, it gives you the flexibility to capture different projects using the three pickup settings: Omni, cardioid, and cardioid with -10db pad. Cardioid only picks sound from one direction while Omni and cardioid with -10db pad settings allow you to pick 360 degrees audio.

eBerry 2nd Generation USB Microphone

eberry_2nd_gen_360_degrees_usb_microphonesThe eBerry second-generation USB microphone offers some upgrades over its predecessor at an affordable price. The microphone delivers exceptional sound quality with any plug and play enabled PC or Mac device. Ideal for Skype, chatting, and recording functions, the eBerry USB microphone filters out background noises to deliver clear 360 degrees omnidirectional audio.

Its simplicity of use is among its key selling points. Just plug it into any plug and play enabled device and you will be heard loud and clear. The microphone is small and portable and comes with an adjustable stand for maximum comfort. At only $7, the eBerry 2nd generation microphone is one of the cheapest 360 degrees USB microphones around.

Ancel Professional Golden 360 degrees USB Microphone


This highly sensitive USB microphone from Ancel is ideal for gaming, Skype/VoIP, and audio recording. It features patented audio filter to get rid of background noise and inbuilt import decoder chips for further noise reduction. The LED lights, volume control, and mute features are among the many attractive features you’ll find in this microphone.

The microphone delivers 360 degrees omnidirectional audio pickup. No additional software is needed—just plug the microphone with USB plug and you are ready to go. At only $19, the Ancel desktop USB microphone is also one of the cheapest 360 degrees USB microphones around.

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As 360 degrees USB microphones continue to gain popularity, more and more players are joining the industry, and we expect to see more in the future. In choosing the best 360 degrees USB microphone, it is important to consider its features, ease of use, portability, and price. We hope this article will land you to your dream 360 degrees USB microphone. Feel free to comment and share.

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