4K TV not upscaling? Try these solutions

by Tashreef Shareef
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4K TV not upscaling
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4K TVs are becoming the new norm with the Chinese OEMs launching affordable 4K Televisions every few months. From being a cutting edge technology a few years ago, 4K TVs are now mainstream. However, with 4K TVs, we have 4K TV not upscaling issues as well.

Just because you have a 4K TV doesn’t mean everything you watch on TV is 4K. To experience true 4K you need to have 4K content as well. 4K content is still a rarity because most of the videos are still in Full HD resolution due to the size and cost of making 4K content.

To overcome this situation, TV manufacturers use 4K upscaling. Upscaling makes standard definition and Full HD videos look better on a 4K TV. However, if you are noticing the videos coming to your TV are taking only a quarter of the screen, it means your TV is not upscaling successfully.

If you are also troubled by this issue, here are a couple of troubleshooting tips to fix 4K TV not upscaling problem.

Troubleshoot 4K TV not upscaling (Sony, Samsung, LG)

1. Check the signal quality

4K TV not upscaling

  1. While the 4K TV should have no problem with upscaling HD and Full HD content. However, if the content is in SD or lower version, try to bump up the quality from the streaming service settings.
  2. If the signal coming to the TV is not of high quality, the TV will scale to match the TVs size. However, this can lead to blurry and fuzzy images.
  3. Check if the 4K TV not upscaling issue is fixed.

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2. Check the connection source

4K TV not upscaling

  1. Another thing that can affect the picture quality and upscaling issue is the connection method you are using.
  2. The quality of the connection method is important. The best connection method for the highest quality is to use the HDMI connection. If HDMI is not available, check for DVI method. Other connection methods like VGA, Component A/V, S-Video, Composite A/V and Analog RF offers low-quality output respectively.

3. More troubleshooting options

  1. Press the info button available on the TV remote to check the input resolution on top of the TV screen. If the resolution does not match the output device, change it to the optimum resolution of your TV.
  2. Perform the picture test. Move the video to your USB device and then check the quality on the TV. If the quality is better while playing from the USB Drive, then the issue is with your external device.

Almost all the 4K TVs offer some kind of upscaling. However, not all the upscaling is equal. Premium brands like Sony, Samsung and LG have better-upscaling technology on their high-end TVs.

Follow the steps in this article to fix 4K TV not upscaling issue and let us know which method worked for you in the comments.


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