Acer and Asus delay their jaw dropping 4K gaming monitors until next year

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Acer and Asus have been one of the most preferred choices by the gamers when it comes to gaming monitors. Last time around Acer had announced the Predator X27 and the company couldn’t stop bragging about their new monitor. However, things didn’t go as planned and the launch was postponed to the next year, the first quarter of 2018 to be precise.


If you were planning to buy the Predator X27 then all you can do is wait till the next year. Yet another disappointment is that Asus has also pushed the ROG Swift PG27UQ launch to the next year as well. It seems that both the companies are just pushing the release of high-end 4K monitors to the next year and unfortunately they haven’t been forthcoming about the reasons for the delay.

Both the companies have also not shared an exact timeline for the release and neither of them wants to give any assurances. It’s interesting to see whether or not the prospective buyers will wait for another six months especially since the monitor is beefed with top end features. The Predator X27 is said to come with a 27-inch LCD panel and will support 4K natively at staggering refresh rates of 144Hz. The Acer Predator 27 apparently offers all the features a gamer would look forward to.

The highlights of the Predator X27 includes HDR 10 Support, Nvidia GSync support, Nvidia Ultra Low Motion Blur, Tobii Eye-tracking technology, 384 individually controlled LED lighting zones and 1,000 nits of brightness.

Moving on the ROG Swift P27UQ is no less and in all likelihood, Acer and Asus might be using the same panel underneath both the monitors, perhaps that’s yet another possibility for delay. However, both Asus and Acer will load their own custom firmware along with the on-screen display controls.

A quick look at the feature helps us take an educated guess at the pricing. In all probability, both the monitors will sell in excess of $1000 and the pricing is expected to play a crucial role.



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