Don’t lose hope, Andromeda OS might still be in the pipeline

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Over recent years there have been a plethora of rumours pertaining to Microsoft’s Andromeda. That is reputedly a codename for a foldable mobile device the software giant has under wraps.

Yet, there have been increasing doubts as to whether that device will ever see the light of day since summer 2018. However, the renowned tech journalist Mr. Sams maintains that Andromeda is still in the pipeline.

Mr. Sams wrongly predicted that Microsoft would release Andromeda toward the end of 2018. Microsoft has not even confirmed Andromeda exists since his bold prediction.

There has been some speculation that the software giant cancelled the project after the company’s reshuffle in the aftermath of Myerson’s departure. Furthermore, Centaurus has become a new codename buzzword for Microsoft’s dual-screen devices since December 2018.

Mr. Sams spoke about Andromeda and the new Centaurus codename in his latest Sams Report video. There he stated, “From what I keep hearing about Andromeda the projects not dead, it just doesn’t have a shipping date.”

Thus, Mr. Sams says that Microsoft is keeping Andromeda “in its lab” and will ship it if they find a right time and reason.

Mr. Sams reiterated the distinction between Centaurus and Andromeda in his video. There he states that Centaurus is the codename for a larger dual-screen device based on the Windows Lite platform, which has been touted as a successor to the Courier.

Thus, Andromeda will reputedly be an alternative pockatable device with a foldable display. In December, a Windows Central editor also stated:

Centaurus is a WCOS (Windows Core OS) device that runs the Andromeda OS experience. It’s (from what I hear) powered by an Intel processor, and is very likely a larger take on the Andromeda form-factor. But it is NOT Andromeda.

The rumour mill originally suggested that Andromeda might be a foldable Surface Phone. However, Microsoft chief Mr. Panay squashed such rumors during a 2018 Wired podcast. Then he stated, “I wouldn’t say that it includes a Surface Phone. I think you have to think about where is that unmet need when you’re thinking about your product road-map.” However, Mr. Panay also said, “Of course we’re always inventing, of course we’re thinking about new form factors.

Since then, new Microsoft patents and unofficial design concepts have renewed Andromeda speculation in 2019. Another patent from the Redmond firm presents ideas for a foldable device with lockable hinges.

Then the unofficial design concept video below provided another tantalizing glimpse of what Andromeda might be.

There can be little doubt that Microsoft is certainly investing heavily in foldable mobile device research. Samsung’s new Galaxy X further highlights that foldable mobile devices will be the next big thing in the mobile industry.

So, Andromeda could be a new form factor mobile device if it ever sees the light of day.



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