9 antivirus tools to fight off browser hijackers

by Ivan Jenic
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  • An antivirus for browser hijackers will stop them from redirecting you to random unwanted sites.
  • With great protection against malicious websites, ESET is one of the best choices available.
  • You can also use freeware coming from Avira, which will block with success any online threats.
  • Some of the best browser hijacker removal tools from below also protect your PC from malware.
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ESET Antivirus comes with all the security tools that you may ever need to protect your data and privacy, including:

  • Anti-theft support
  • Webcam protection
  • Intuitive setup and UI
  • Multi-platform support
  • Banking-level encryption
  • Low system requirements
  • Advanced anti-malware protection

An antivirus program needs to be fast, efficient, and cost-effective, and this one has them all.

Do you need an antivirus solution against all kinds of web browser hijackers? Then this post is meant for you.

A browser hijacker usually takes over your browser settings and redirects you to sites which you never thought of visiting. It is a malware program.

Browser hijackings often times come from browser extensions, toolbars browser, or helper objects. They can cause your device to display content that you do not need or stop responding.

For instance, a browser hijacker can be pop-up ads, intrusive notifications, PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), and more.

You can remove any add-ons recently installed on your device and scan for browser hijackers using an antivirus software solution. 

In this post, we have listed some of the best and most trusted antivirus applications against browser hijackers.

What are the best antiviruses to block browser hijackers?

ESET NOD32 – Lightweight high-detection rate

antivirus old pc best antivirus windows vista

ESET Internet Security is a PC protection company that has been in operation for about two decades now. It helps to keep threats at bay and offers great protection against malicious websites.

The ESET NOD32 is an antivirus software compatible with the Windows OS and uses very little of the computers’ resources.

Here are some of ESET’s core features:

  • The interface has very easy to understand navigation features
  • It offers comprehensive protection against spyware, viruses, worms, adware, and rootkits
  • It has a great prevention system that disables unauthorized modification to programs and certain files
  • It offers great protection for removable media such as external hard drives and USB flash drives
  • Applications that connect to malicious websites are proactively blocked.
  • Incoming and outgoing emails are effectively scanned
  • A thorough scanning lasts just about fifteen minutes, after which a report of the status of your PC’s security is provided
  • Gaming mode blocks unwanted popups and intrusions during gaming activities
  • A snapshot of system changes is captured by the SysInspector to track system changes and for tech support use
  • Online safety tool educates new users on how to stay safe online.
  • Software updates, virus and malware definitions are downloaded automatically
ESET Internet Security

ESET Internet Security

Protect your computer from spyware, viruses, malicious software, and browser hijackers.

Free trialVisit website

Guard.io – Real-time detection and prevention

Guard.io is a fantastic browser plugin that may significantly reduce browser hijacking and tracking. Even though it is not a standard antivirus, it offers several features that may protect your privacy.

You receive a free scan to discover what risks are on your device as part of the Guardio extension for browser free plan. The message you receive is genuine and serves as a reminder of what was discovered during your scan.

When Guardio detects that one of your search engines or tabs is being hijacked, it flags it as a danger, and you may regain control of your favorite tabs and search engine by upgrading.

These are Guard.io core features:

  • Alerts on harmful and suspicious sites
  • Block intrusive pop-ups
  • Searches for possible hidden hijackers
  • Information leak monitoring

There are a few ways malicious extensions may get into your device. Most of the time, you won’t even notice them. They are either disguised as genuine extensions, such as weather applications or PDF converters, but by downloading them, you allow a third party to access all of your information and change your browser settings.

Many users report this as search hijackers, tab hijackers, or constant pop-up alerts. Guard.io protects against this by banning invasive adware.


Real-time protection against browser hijacking, scam and phishing sites with non-intrusive scans.

Free trial Visit website

Bitdefender Internet Security – Multi-layer ransomware protection

The protection tab of Bitdefender Internet Security 2020

This is the Best Value for Windows PC Protection and it comes with different programs for PCs and Android mobile devices.

It is very compatible with the Windows OS. BitDefender offers full protection and scans all files, and page URLs for malicious websites.

This security software protects against malware on various devices and it is also very good for slow computers.

Some of Bitdefender’s key features:

  • It has a multiplatform system, all your devices can be secured at the same license
  • It comes with various security tools for all the platforms, such as antitheft tools and parental controls, and Bitdefender’s password manager can also be used on Windows computers
  • It offers protection from ransomware
  • Bitdefender provides multi-device protection for $10 to $30 which is lesser than other products
  • Good for file encryption
  • Quick product updates
  • A very easy installation
  • You can get it with a 30 days free trial, within this period, you can check its features to know if it suits your needs
  • Strong firewall
  • It offers safe pay during online transactions and various e-commerce activities


Get the best antivirus on the market, and protect yourself from the most harmful software with Bitdefender!

Free trialVisit website

Avira – Accurate anti-tracking rate

antivirus old pc best antivirus without ads for PC

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Avira Antivirus is a great freeware cybersecurity solution that can protect your computer from any type of browser hijackers.

The software can block with high success rate all online threats, including spyware, ransomware, and malicious website that you may find while online.

Additionally, it includes a free VPN for enhanced privacy. You can use it to secure and make your online activities as anonymous as possible.

Other best features include:

  • Improves your PC’s performance
  • Password manager
  • Anti-Scam protection against phishing attacks
  • Protection against identity theft and financial loss
  • Built-in Firewall


Keep your PC secure from malicious and intrusive software that might come from your browser.

Kaspersky Internet Security – Most awarded protection

antivirus old pc

Kaspersky Internet Security is very good and compatible with the Windows OS. It has everything you would need in a suite and its components are very effective.

This antivirus has a strong firewall that can give your system maximum protection against unknown connections. It has an anti-malware security suitable to detect viruses before they infect your PC.

It also has browser protection which helps to protect your device from reaching malicious websites.

Take a look at Kaspersky’s main features:

  • It got the best scores from about five labs
  • It has an awesome anti-phishing score
  • It has an advanced disinfection scan
  • It has a firewall with powerful application control
  • Protection for Windows OS and Android devices
  • Automated security patching
  • Webcam protection and so many other bonus features
  • Malicious software can easily be detected
  • RAM usage is low
Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security

Enhance your online security and stay safe from intruder apps with one reliable antivirus.

Free trialVisit website

McAfee Total Protection – Excellent malware detection rates

McAfee is amongst the best internet security software for Windows OS. It enables offline updates, and it will protect everything browser-related.

It has its own firewall that helps in deciding which content makes an entrance into your PC, its own VPN, it also secures your downloaded files and it has a password manager.

Overall, the software is going to keep you safe from the harmful bloatware, hijackers, and adware you usually get from mistakenly clicking malicious links.

Check MCAfee’s core features:

  • Safe browsing of the web
  • Great customer service
  • It has a multi-factor password manager app; you can create unique passwords for your accounts online
  • Secure cloud storage is guaranteed. The software ensures secured banking, shopping, and socializing
  • It has an easy to use the web-based console
  • Guaranteed home network protection
  • It can adequately detect quarantines and block malware and viruses in order to prevent damage to your PC
  • It also keeps away zero-day threats and protects you against any potential threat
  • Regular updates at an affordable price
  • Very easy-to-use interface with guaranteed easy access to all its features.
  • Compared to other security software, McAfee is cheap
McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection

Browse the websafe using an antivirus that will definitely block any scam or risky websites.

Check priceGet it now

Norton Security Premium – Notorius cloud backup

This security software is one of the best internet security software. It ranks very high for protection and usability independent tests.

It protects your device from malicious websites. In addition, it is compatible with Windows OS. Not only is Norton a good browser antivirus, but it is also great for protecting your files.

The software will scan your PC, and provide you with a list of malicious software. In addition to that, it will also block anything and alert you of any suspicious activity on your computer or on a website.

Here are some of Norton’s key features:

  • Operating system: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
  • It has some of the best internet protection tools coupled with 24/7 tech support
  • One license covers about five devices
  • Great firewall
  • So many bonus features
  • This software has wonderful protection tools and can detect malware easily no matter what type of device you use
  • It has an organized interface
  • Norton does not tax computer resources too much, so it is difficult to experience any lag while it runs
  • It has advanced protection tools which includes parental controls, password manager and lots of online backup storage
  • It does not affect the speed of a PC
  • Great performance hands-on test
  • Wisdom of crowds used by its integrated firewall
  • Detection scores and protection is very high
Norton Security Premium

Norton Security Premium

Protect your computer from malware, ransomware, and all online security threats.

Check priceVisit website

Avast Pro Antivirus – High anti-phishing detection

Avast Pro Antivirus does not require much introduction. It is quite popular among many users and one of the best security software available for Windows OS.

It has a password manager and DNS protection that prevents the hijacking of DNS, and also, it helps in the protection against website redirects.

Some of Avast’s core features:

  • It is has a multi-function security software that has an easy to use interface
  • It has unique features that make it different from other PC suites
  • It has the Wi-Fi-Scanner which continuously investigates and removes potential threats from your router and network
  • It detects when your application needs an update and updates automatically for you
  • A modern UI
  • Very light on the system
  • Good detection of malware capabilities
  • A customizable installer
Avast Pro Antivirus

Avast Pro Antivirus

Use one of the best antiviruses to protect your online activity from spoofed websites and more.

Check priceVisit website

F-secure – Best antivirus for PC gaming

This security software is the best for browser protection and also has one of the best anti-viruses for Windows.

It is compatible with the Windows OS. It can protect your devices from ransomware, Trojans, and viruses and keeps all your banking connection secured.

Here are some of F-Secure’s key features:

  • Instant notification once the virus is detected
  • It has an antivirus which protects your privacy and security; all your devices are safe from virus and spyware
  • It has family rules; with just one subscription, you can protect your family and set great boundaries for your children’s device use
  • It has a device finder, you can easily locate, lock or erase your device
  • It can protect multiple Windows devices at the same time
  • It effectively manages users and devices

Get F-Secure

If your computer is already infected with all kind of toolbars, and unknown programs, check our dedicated guide and find how to remove them for good.

In conclusion, you can protect your navigator against browser hijackers by using any of the antivirus software we mentioned above. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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