Antivirus without false positive alerts: 5 best solutions for Windows 10

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antivirus without false positive

In order to get the best security solution for your Windows 10 system you need to choose wisely. There are so many antivirus programs available out there that it can turn out to be a real challenge to pick up the perfect software for your particular necessity.

In that matter, you can always review different AV tests. These tests are showing you different parameters and depending on these values you can determine which software offers more protection than others. Well, when checking out these tests you should also write down the false-positive results.

False-positive results describe how accurate a certain antivirus really is. Now, each antivirus program will receive monthly updates from its devs. These patches are there to keep the antivirus database updated and as accurate as possible – based on this internal database the security program can successfully detect Windows security breaches, infected files or malware. If the antivirus is not accurate enough you can get false-positives – results that will detect potential harmful files even when that’s not the case.

Of course, it’s quite impossible to find a security program that ensures 100% accuracy and which runs without any false positive. But, you can get an antivirus that gets close to this value – with such security solution it will be unlikely to get false positives especially if you are a regular Windows 10 user. So, during the guidelines from below we will review the best antivirus program that get close to 100% accuracy.

Antivirus programs without false-positives


Bitdefender (recommended)


antivirus withthout false positiveBitdefender is one of the best antivirus programs that can be currently used on the Windows 10 system. The software is pre-loaded with various features that can successfully secure your files and your online data. Now, depending on what you usually do on your computer, you can choose how to customize and optimize these default capabilities.

As for the false positive results, Bitdefender is scoring high in most AV tests – is one of the most reliable programs from this perspective. It may register a false result on old or rarely used files, with unknown prevalence and only in individual situations. Also, this behavior will most likely affect 1% of the users who will choose Bitdefender as their main Windows 10 security solution.

Bitdefender received different optimizations, so it should now run smoothly even on mid-range systems, though the best will be to use a high-end device if you want to enjoy the best Windows 10 experience.

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Bullguard (suggested)

bullguard antivirus without false positiveEven though it’s impossible in real-life behavior, during certain AV tests Bullguard actually run without any false positive results. That’s making it one of the best alternatives to use, if the false positive feature represents important criteria for you.

Similar with Bitdefender, while Bullguard will be running it will be quite unlikely to experience false alarms especially if you are not working with outdated software or with old programs and files. The security program receives important updates so the antivirus data base can ensure theoretical 100% accuracy.

Bullguard should run faster than Bitdefender in certain situations, this aspect depending on the type of operations that are initiated on your system – on paper, this security software should use fewer resources when running on a daily basis.



Panda (suggested)

panda antivirus without false positivePanda is a reliable antivirus program that received high ranking scores in term of false positive testing results.

However, the latest results reported increasing false alarms during virtual scans but that shouldn’t discourage you: only certain files were detected as false-positives, the overall score still being one that can be trust – moreover based on these results the devs will provide specialized updates in order to fix the small issues.

Panda isn’t bringing as many features as Bitdefender or Bullguard but it’s similar in term of security performance and this should be the most important aspect especially if you are looking for a cheap and fast security program to use on your Windows 10 computer.

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kaspersky antivirus without false positiveKaspersky will require fewer resources than Bitdefender and Bullguard but it will also run with more false positives than these antivirus programs. The latest AV results are showing better false alarms results than Panda but still a high number compared with the first two antivirus solutions that were reviewed above (almost double than Bitdefender for example).

Kaspersky is one of the most popular antivirus platforms, so in term of security performance you should be covered without any sort of problems.




mcafee antivirus without false positiveWhen false positive results are involved, along with Bullguard, McAfee represents one of the best solutions to choose for your Windows 10 system. Based on most of the AV tests, McAfee managed to run without false alarms which, in real life behavior, can be translated in less than 1% chances of misleading scans.

McAfee is still integrated within the Windows 10 system so you should be able to install it without hassle. However, in term of performance, stability and user interface McAfee is not really the best antivirus that can be set up on your computer – combining all these aspects Bitdefender and Bullguard are still the best alternatives.

However, McAfee can be downloaded from this page.

So, those are the best 5 antivirus solutions to use on your Windows 10 device if you are looking for an antivirus that runs without false positive results. Other antivirus programs that are ranking high in different AV tests and which can represent a reliable alternative are: Avira, AVG, Avast, Norton, or ESET.

Windows Defender can be also considered but only as a backup solution – the third-party apps are more specialized and will receive more updates than Windows Defender (read this review if you want to learn which are the best antivirus programs that can replace the built-in security software).

If you recently tested certain security platforms, don’t hesitate and share your experience with us – you can quickly do so through the comments field that’s available below. In this way you can help others choose the solutions that best fit their own expectations.


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