AI Antivirus: 8 Best Picks of 2024 with Improved Detection

Prevent cyber attacks and choose one of these AI antivirus software

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Key notes

  • With cybercrime at the highest rates, you will need an AI-powered antivirus to protect your PC.
  • Featuring multi-layered technologies that prevent malware infection, any software from this list is a great choice. 
  • Even freeware apps use machine learning to secure your computer against upcoming threats.
  • Our list also includes the best artificial intelligence antiviruses that are improving detection methods continuously.
Artificial intelligence antivirus programs for Windows 10

The antivirus market is quite huge and you can find a multitude of software nowadays. What you must know is that you can use traditional antivirus tools or enhanced AI antiviruses, which are more reliable.

According to experts, the sphere that needs AI’s help desperately is Internet security. In that manner, the big players in the antivirus business are steadily turning to this new technology.

Since artificial intelligence itself is a young technology, its implementation in modern antivirus solutions is still in the early stage. However, you can easily find machine learning engines that detects new emerging malware.

So it is not rushed to compile a list of the best AI-powered antivirus programs, and we’ll take the risk to discover which of them is the antivirus of the future.

All said here, this list should be your starting point when choosing your first behaviour-based AI antivirus for Windows 10.


Which antivirus uses AI?

Simply said, many antivirus software have AI technology and provide reliable malware protection. Among the most popular AI-based antivirus are ESET Security or Bitdefender software.

Hence, you can benefit from advanced antivirus shield and behaviour-based threats detection to get enhanced web security. Let’s see which are the most beneficial ones in the following list.

What is the best artificial intelligence antivirus to get?

ESET Smart Security – Best lightweight security

ESET Smart Security is the most comprehensive version, built without compromise, including extra theft protection and easy password management.

The software uses multi-layered technologies that go far beyond the capabilities of basic antivirus. It uses AI to prevent infiltration by viruses, spyware, trojan horses, worms, adware, rootkits, and other threats.

This antivirus has its developed machine-learning engine, that uses the combined power of neural networks (such as deep learning) and a handpicked group of six classification algorithms.

This allows it to generate a consolidated output and help correctly label the incoming sample as clean, potentially unwanted, or malicious.

In addition, you can rely on ESET for any security concerns like anti-phishing protection or a multilayered shield against new emerging malware threats. 

You should not worry about other banking or payment activities online due to military-grade encryption that guards your PC against risky digital fraud. 

That said, such a full-featured antivirus will bring you AI virus protection and new technology for detecting the most complex malware out there. 

ESET Smart Security

Use one of the best AI-powered antivirus, to keep you safe from existing and upcoming computer threats.
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Bitdefender Total Security – Full protection against malware

While Bitdefender’s developers don’t market their product as an ultimate AI antivirus, it certainly stands out as one of the premier solutions on the market.

For example, Bitdefender has nearly perfect scores from AV-TEST and its top virus detection rate. And there’s a big reason for that.

Bitdefender combines functionality, effectiveness, and simplicity. So, you’ll get strong antivirus protection, along with firewall and file security, packed in a simple and easy-to-use package.

And if you’re worried about spreading ransomware attacks, Bitdefender got you covered. This security solution features an advanced anti-ransomware shield, that will keep your data safe.

If we solely talk about artificial intelligence, Bitdefender wants to base its whole service on this technology in the near future.

According to the company, it invests a solid part of its yearly budget into artificial intelligence research.

The company claims it already uses advanced artificial intelligence features in its antivirus scans and security solutions.

Bitdefender Total Security

An AI-powered antivirus, Bitdefender does a very good job of delivering unmatched protection services.
Check price Visit website – Flawless speeds is an AI-based extension designed to protect your private information while you browse more securely and quickly.

It has advanced anti-phishing protection that blocks harmful sites, including emails or websites that tries to steal your payment or personal data.

It can also help you stop unwanted notifications and eliminate malicious and invasive ads that can be damaging to your device. removes malicious extensions that control browser settings, invade privacy, and install malware, adware, or spyware.

Furthermore, it protects your identity at all costs because it alerts you in real time when your information is leaked online in a data breach. This allows you to act in time to protect your identity from being stolen, manage your digital footprint, and control which sites have access to your personal details.

Keep your online browsing safe and secure with’s beneficent features.

Avira – Most innovative AI protection

Avira is one of the best free AI antivirus tools that applies several unsupervised and supervised AI and machine learning techniques to aid malware analysis.

For malware analysis, it uses the coarse-to-fine strategy, exploring the data from clusters, and through the complex techniques of supervised learning, determining if the data is malware or not.

In addition to these AI techniques, the free version of Avira can also update your software and work as a basic password manager.

This complete antivirus tool comes with clever ad-tracking functionality, a shield for email and social network scams, or cleaning features to erase your digital traces. 

You also benefit from free VPN protection that can hide your online behaviors and secure sensitive information online. 

In the end, it’s worth knowing that Avira also contributes to speeding up your system and increasing overall performance. 


Use a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that is based on AI technologies to protect your computer.

Avast Free Antivirus – Most advanced network security

antivirus old pc

Even the free version of Avast antivirus benefits from the advanced intelligence system, which is using machine learning to automatically collect and extract data from the entire user base.

After finding a new malware sample, Avast antivirus is automatically updated with new models, providing crucial, up-to-the-second protection.

In addition, with the Behavior Shield tool, Avast Free Antivirus will keep an eye on your installed applications and report to you any new suspicious behavior.

Besides that, Avira includes strong network security that can encrypt your connection and filter malicious websites before any action. 

Plus, you’re entirely secured from elaborate phishing attacks or scams that may steal important data. 

It’s also worth noting that you have VPN support with the SecureLine VPN that anonymizes all your data online. 

Avast Free Antivirus

New security threats can appear suddenly, block them with this free antivirus with an AI engine.
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Cylance Protect – Best endpoint and IoT security

Reviewers and people who know their antiviruses agree that Cylance Protect is the future of this industry.

And indeed, Cylance is marketed as the first full-fledged artificial intelligence-powered antivirus.

But first of all, Cylance is mainly for business users, as it’s client-oriented protection. The administrative console is entirely cloud-based, but all the decisions are made on the endpoint.

Cylance technicians brag about the high accuracy of malware removal, as the software caught all random virus samples, including some ransomware.

Cylence’s approach to dealing with malware is quite unique, and that’s where machine learning comes in. It uses about 6.2 billion indicators to determine whether an application or executable is malware or not.

If only one requirement is met, Protect will recognize it as malware. This can lead to some false positives, but it’s rather unlikely to happen.

Get Cylance Protect

DeepArmor – Powerful machine learning security

As we already said, artificial intelligence is still an emerging feature of the antivirus industry.

Hence, we still don’t have enough material, or enough software to write a top-notch, deep review of each product.

Additionally, there are many new players in the field, which yet have to catch the attention of the general public.

That’s exactly the case with DeepArmor. This is the youngest member of our list, but a very promising one.

Similar to Cylence, DeepArmor breaks each file on your computer into thousands of pieces. And if one piece appears to be threatening, DeepArmor will wipe it away.

This method applies to each unscanned file on your computer. So, as soon as you download a new file, it will go through DeepArmor.

Also, to cover already present files on your computer, run a deep scan as soon as you install this antivirus.

So, DeepArmor isn’t the immediate choice as your primary antivirus solution but definitely is something to look for in the future.

Get DeepArmor

Windows Defender – Best tracking prevention

Which antivirus protects you using AI and machine learning?

AI-based antivirus software can make decisions based on what it learns or experiences. It is very effective as a part of the safekeeping platform because it can use reason to analyze network threats.

It can manage a huge amount of information and based on its data, it can create threat models and prevent possible damage. It can also identify a threat long before it happens.

Another advantage is that it can work 24/7. Thus, you can choose to use any AI antivirus solution from the list below and be sure that it can protect your device successfully.

Microsoft recognized the importance of artificial intelligence in the antivirus industry and included some essential AI features in Windows 10’s built-in guard.

Windows Defender uses machine learning to prevent malware attacks. This approach is much needed since it’s expected from Microsoft to deliver a reliable security solution.

It goes without saying that Windows Defender indeed deserves to be on the list of the best AI antivirus software for Windows.

We conclude our list now, but it’s far from finished. We’re only at the beginning. As technology advances, we’ll get more and more new features, and ways to keep our computers safe.

That means there probably are some yet-to-be-released antivirus programs that deserve to be in this conversation.

As we already mentioned a couple of times throughout this article, this list should head you in the right direction for choosing your future antivirus, rather than give you an immediate answer.

In addition to any of the above antiviruses, we recommend you use one of these best firewall devices to protect your home network.

What do you think about our list, and do you have any antivirus solutions to add to it? Let us know in the comments below.

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