AWS and Slack integrate as rivalry with Teams intensifies

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • AWS and Slack recently announced an expansion of partnership on cloud technologies and workforce collaboration tools.
  • Key integrations announced include: Amazon Chime integrating with Slack Calls and Slack leveraging Amazon AppFlow.
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  • Visit the Microsoft Teams for tips, guides, and news related to the workforce collaboration resource.
Slack and AWS expand collaboration
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AWS and Slack recently announced an expansion of partnership on cloud technologies and workforce collaboration tools. Microsoft’s Azure is Amazon Web Services’ chief rival, while Slack takes on Teams.

Their rivalry just soared a notch higher with the latest announcement.

AWS and Slack join hands to thwart Teams

Amazon and Slack hope to expand their enterprise customer base with collaboration on technologies like AWS.

Slack will be leveraging Amazon Chime, an AWS-based business communications service.

It’s not difficult to see what Slack is going for here—the global reach, availability, and low-latency benefits of the AWS infrastructure.

“Slack and AWS will strategically partner to help distributed development teams communicate and become more efficient and agile in managing their AWS resources from inside Slack. Slack will migrate its Slack Calls capability for all voice and video calling to Amazon Chime.”

They key integrations the two companies announced are:

  1. Amazon Chime to integrate with Slack Calls
  2. AWS Key Management Service integrates with Slack Enterprise Key Management (EKM)
  3. Slack taps leverages AWS Chatbot
  4. Slack integrates with Amazon AppFlow

Competing with Teams is no walk in the park for Slacks

Competing with Microsoft is always a daunting task, especially if the competitor is a smaller company like Slack.

Slack’s strategy involves cranking up third-party app integrations to cater to all the needs of its enterprise customers. On the other hand, Microsoft’s Office 365, which powers Teams, is a one-stop shop with unrivalled breadth and depth.

In other words, for pretty much any single thing Slack brings in from outside, Teams can get it internally.

For example, as Slack integrates with AWS Chatbot, Teams has the Azure bot service at its disposal.

That’s not to say the Slack’s strategy is not working. Instead, it means that Slack has to worry about things like extra costs that come with all these third-party app integrations.

Nonetheless, Slack should be fine if any new partnerships don’t result in extra costs for its customers.

So, what do you think about AWS /Slack integration? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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