11 Best Browsers & Search Engines for Enhanced Online Privacy

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Key notes

  • Privacy browsers and search engines ensure your online habits and history are not recorded. 
  • While you may not have a totally untraceable search engine, browsing with a VPN increases your privacy.
  • We recommend using any combination of a privacy browser and a privacy search engine from this list. 
best browser and search engine for privacy
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Interconnectivity among devices and platforms has only improved through the years.

It has improved the quality of our work and online activities, but it has also exposed us to a greater likelihood of data breaches and theft.

Since browsers and search engines are one of the primary mediums by which we communicate with the internet, it has become increasingly important to stick with the ones that offer the most security and privacy protection.

Therefore, we bring you our expert picks as we share our recommendations for the best browser and search engine for privacy.

Note that you can get the best of your browsers by browsing with private sessions.

Why should I use a private search engine?

Your data and personal information should be confidential.

Hence, private search engines are important because they offer non-tracked use and will not share your history or search patterns. Unfortunately, this means that the only parties that understand your user habit or have access to your data are those you willingly share it with.

Is there a genuinely private browser?

There may not be a concept like complete privacy, but search engines are increasingly embracing privacy and improving at it.

What search engine is untraceable?

A few search engines make it extremely hard to trace; we will be sharing some of them in this article, but one that quickly makes the list is MetaGer.

Let’s now discuss the best browser and search engine for privacy.

Which browser gives the most privacy?

Opera One – Best for privacy and security

Opera One offers the best choice if you need to block out third parties and maintain data privacy.

The tracker blocker, built-in ad blocker, and VPN are the key privacy-friendly characteristics of the browser.

Its ad blocker identifies and stops ad scripts, resulting in faster page loading times. Furthermore, the program safeguards your PC by preventing unwanted ad attacks.

Additional features:

  • Messaging and social integration
  • Native AI and modular AI-ready design
  • Built-in VPN and Ad blocker
  • Tab islands and workspaces

Opera One

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Tor Browser – Best with HTTPS-Everywhere integration

best browser and search engine for privacy

Tor is primarily concerned with anonymity and includes HTTPS-Everywhere and NoScript. The browser is built on a reworked Firefox ESR.

Tor keeps users’ browsing messages, location, history, and other online personal information safe from individuals or bots who analyze network traffic.

You don’t have to be concerned about saved passwords, browser history, or auto-completion data when using Tor.

Additional features:

  • Cross-Platform Availability
  • Complex Data encryption
  • Automatic data decryption

Get Tor Browser

AVG Secure Browser – Prevailing online security

Among the most private browsers out there, AVG comes with a full privacy solution for all users in need.

You can rely on fast-speed browsing and an entirely private search engine that can be managed all in one place.

More exactly, the AVG browser includes wide data security due to zero-tracking technology and digital fingerprint safeguarding.

It’s worth knowing you have customizable ad-blocker benefits, a private cleaner to erase cookies or history data, plus integrated VPN support.

Additional features:

  • Uninterrupted HTTPS encryption
  • Shield against tracking scripts
  • No browsing fingerprint
  • 4x faster performance

AVG Secure Browser

Take in this browser developed with high-end security and data masking.

UR Browser – Best for private content publishing

best browser and search engine for privacy

UR Browser was designed by AdaptiveBee for privacy and security and is an excellent option for keeping your data safe. 

Anti-fingerprinting, a built-in VPN, an ad and third-party cookies blocker, and an anonymous Ninja Mode are just a few of UR Browser’s security features.

It redirects HTTPS to protect your data, which is a very security-conscious approach. Also worth mentioning is that UR hosts databases on its servers.

It also guarantees private website and content publishing using Onion services.

Additional features:

  • Browser personalization
  • 4X download speeds
  • Vetted news display

Get UR Browser

DuckDuckGo privacy browser – Best for mobile devices

best browser and search engine for privacy

Unlike many browsers discussed, this one works on your mobile devices and remains a great way to secure your online privacy.

Its easy data clearing and management options, Smarter Encryption technology encryption upgrades, and built-in tracking protection make it an easy pick for mobile privacy.

For mobile options, it is the most secure browser in 2022.

Additional features:

  • Private search
  • Fast speeds
  • Cross-site cookie blocking

Get DuckDuckGo privacy browser

Waterfox – Best no telemetry browser

best browser and search engine for privacy

While this browser focuses on privacy and security, its lack of telemetry is pronounced, a massive contrast from Firefox. However, this missing feature means that you can expect much faster speeds.

For privacy, sponsored tiles, startup profiling, data collection, and tracking are omitted.

Additional features:

  • NPAPI plugins
  • Unsigned extensions
  • Duplicate Tab command

Get Waterfox

What is the most private search engine?

MetaGer – Most untraceable

The search engine allows you to conduct untraceable, private searches that generate no trail.

MetaGer includes a proxy server, allowing you to anonymously open any URL from the search engine result pages while hiding your IP from the target server. Additionally, it does not keep track of the keywords used.

This prevents third-party advertisers from targeting you and reduces the chances of malicious attacks. Also, note that the default language of the engine is German, but it can be changed. 

Additional features:

  • Run with 100% Renewable Energy
  • Plugin support for apps
  • Free source code

Use MetaGer

Mojeek – Best for Independent and unbiased results

Mojeek permits you to search without compromising your privacy. It provides you with unbiased and objective search results using modern search technology.

Additionally, the search engine indexes countless pages from multiple sources on every possible topic. Furthermore, your queries are never traced, and Mojeek stores no information about your search history, IP address, or other personal data.

Additional features:

  • Green data center
  • Crawler-based
  • Cross-platform compatibility

Use Mojeek

Swisscows – Most family-friendly

Swisscows was first released in 2014 and professes not to keep user data. Instead, the search engine employs semantic data identification to provide faster replies to inquiries.

It maintains a rigorous zero-tracking philosophy, so it will not keep track of your search history or habits.

Swisscows is also family-friendly and will not display explicit content. Furthermore, all of Swisscow’s searches rely on their indexing and are unbiased.

Additional features:

  • TeleGuard
  • Anonymous search
  • Zero cloud or third-party collaboration


DuckDuckGo – Best with a personal crawler

The DuckDuckGo search engine is about the most secure options, and it is never tracking your queries yet enhancing your user experiences.

The most significant feature of DuckDuckGo is the Privacy Essentials browser plugin.

This search engine is designed specifically for people who value their privacy, and it provides rapid search results without the use of targeted adverts on search engine result pages. 

Additional features:

  • Privacy browser app
  • Privacy for Chrome
  • Site Encryption

Use DuckDuckGo

Qwant – Best with Bing search results

Qwant is a French-based search engine. And because it is situated in Europe, it is subject to stronger data privacy regulations than the US.

Qwant’s search results do not include tailored advertisements, and the service displays the most recent news items.

Additionally, Qwant provides maps and a search engine for kids, suitable for children aged 6 to 12.

Additional features:

  • Browser extension support
  • Qwant Boards
  • Neutrality search results

Use Qwant

How do I make my internet completely private?

We recommend using a private browser and search engine. A combination of any on this list will suffice. Also, it would help if you always used any of the best VPNs when connecting to the internet.

This list of private search engines and private browsers will set you well on the way to internet data security. Also, note that the article serves as excellent education before making a privacy browser or search engine choice.

Lastly, we have included a few unfiltered search engines to help you make better internet searches.

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