4 best browsers for seamless Hotstar streaming

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  • If you want to watch Indian shows or movies on Hotstar, you need the best web browser.
  • We've included a plethora of Hotstar supported browsers that are free in the list below.
  • Some of our choices also include free VPNs if you wish to browse safely and keep your identity private.
  • If you still haven't decided, note that many of these Hotstar web browsers have low bandwidth.
best browser for hotstar
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Hotstar is India’s largest premium streaming platform with more than 300 million viewers. The service offers everything from live sport to web series, exclusive TV shows, and movies.

Hotstar is available in both free and premium versions. While the largest userbase of Hotstart uses the Hotstar app, the service is also accessible from the web.

However, the web browser you use to access the Hotstar service can, at times, make a huge difference in the viewing experience.

If you are looking for a change from your old browser, here are the best browsers for Hotstar that you can use to stream videos without any issue.

What are the best browsers to watch Hotstar?


Opera didn’t use to be the trendiest browsing. That’s a thing of the past and we can ensure you you’re missing out on quite a gem.

This browsing solution has evolved tremendously and has built its own niche audience. The latest design overhaul has given the browser the much-needed design upgrade with some cool features up its sleeves.

Here’s what makes Opera VPN perhaps the best browser to stream Hotstar videos.

Coming to the streaming capabilities, the Opera browser offers excellent page loading speed thanks to the built-in ad-blocker.

The browser also comes with built-in VPN support to access the restricted websites blocked by your ISP or access the region-restricted contents.

Other features offered by the browser include built-in Facebook messenger support. You can take screenshots of the web pages without using any third-party tool.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Comes with support for VR Players, standard security protocols
  • Instant search and integrated ad-blocker
  • News feeder, battery saver mode, currency unit, and time zone converters, etc.
  • Countless customization options for a friendlier than ever UI
  • Speed tab to further accelerate your workflows and more


Reimagine Hotstar streaming with the most powerful browser: faster, better, 100% private, and ad-free.

UR Browser

This solution is one of our top choices for the best browser to watch Hotstar content.

UR Browser is the newest kid in the block but comes with some cool tricks up its sleeves. It is fast, secure, and optimized for privacy.

UR Browser comes with tools to speed up the page loading process. The browser loads websites faster without the ads, tracker, and cookies that can slow down the loading speed.

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UR Browser comes with three levels of privacy. Low Privacy mode offers HTTPS Redirect and Anti-Fingerprinting protection.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Medium Privacy blocks ad trackers and ads, third-party cookies
  • The High Privacy mode offers everything in Medium privacy
  • Ninja Mode that allows you to open Incognito mode without opening a new window
  • Built-in VPN connection that can help you bypass ISP restrictions or access region-restricted content
UR Browser

UR Browser

Enjoy fast, private, and secure Hotstar streaming with a top-range browsing solution!

Mozilla Firefox 

best browser for file downloading

Mozilla Firefox is another popular browser that received a complete overhaul. Now Firefox claims to offers 2x speed than its predecessor.

Firefox comes with better memory management as well as more privacy options. Plus, it has a great number of extensions to enhance your video watching experience.

Better memory management means the Firefox now leaves more resources to run apps and stream content while also increasing the page loading speed.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Numerous customization options (users can choose from thousands of themes to give Firefox the look they want)
  • Improved sync between devices and better add-on and extension support
  • Bookmark manager, more powerful private browsing, and ad tracker blocking features
  • Better memory function to save on resources

Download Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome 

web browser for Omegle

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser as of now in the Windows ecosystem. The browser is popular for its clean interface, extensive extension support, as well as better security.

To watch Hotstar, Google Chrome offers a password manager with automatic login support. The web streaming service works without any issues on the browser.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Built-in smart search features, including translation and more
  • Can detect unsafe sites and block user access with a warning
  • Auto-updates every six weeks to keep up with the newest security protocols

Not to mention that Chrome has a Hotstar party extension that allows you to enjoy your favorite programs remotely and sync with friends from various locations.

Download Chrome

If you are streaming live sports events on Hotstar or other types of video content, watching it on the large screen of your desktop would make more sense.

To enhance the browsing experience, you can use one of the web browsers listed in this article.

We recommend you try Opera first as it comes with a built-in VPN and it’s optimized for streaming media online. Do let us know your pick in the comments.

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