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A few years ago, in order to play ROBLOX on your PC, you had to download the ROBLOX browser. This was sluggish and limited in its capabilities.

You didn’t get access to functional tabs, and it only allowed you to browse the ROBLOX website, and the URL bar couldn’t be edited in any way.

Fortunately for us, those times are long gone. In 2011, ROBLOX was compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but you still needed to install the ROBLOX browser on your PC in order to get access.

All issues ended a year later when the new release was not tied to the ROBLOX browser anymore.

In this article, we will try an figure out what is the best browser to use to play ROBLOX on your Windows 10 PC.  The results will vary, depending on the processing power of the computer you’re using.

What is the best browser to play ROBLOX on Windows 10?


UR Browser

UR browser

The UR Browser is by far the best option to try out when you want to play ROBLOX. This software option gives you the processing power and speed of Google Chrome and the low system impact that Firefox has.

This software is perfectly optimized to adapt to any system configuration, and also offers an incredibly wide range of customization options.

Besides all these features, UR Browser also offers you unparalleled security and privacy online, while giving you quick access to any of its features.

The speed, privacy, processing power, versatility, and customization power found in this software makes UR Browser one of the best software to play ROBLOX online.


Google Chrome

google chrome best browser for roblox

Google Chrome is the second most versatile browser you can use to play ROBLOX on Windows 10. If your computer can handle the stress, then choosing Chrome will surely help you experience the full effect of your game.

Note: The problem some users with low-end PCs might have when using Chrome to play ROBLOX is slow loading speeds and possible crashes. In case you find yourself in this category, check out the next recommended browser.

The Chrome Web Store contains great extensions that can help you greatly in playing Roblox. Here are a few of them:

  • BTRoblox

This extension found in the Chrome Web Store enhances the Roblox website and can modify the look, while also adding a wide range of additional features.

You can see more details about this extension, and download it to your browser, by accessing the Chrome Web Store BTRoblox download page.

  • Roblox Enhancer

This extension can also add an incredibly wide range of new features to your ROBLOX experience. You get access to different fixes, to a website status shortcut, auto refresh features, and also message notifications.

If you want to see more details regarding this extension, you can visit the official Chrome Web Store webpage.

Download Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox is another great option if you want to play ROBLOX on your Windows 10 operating system, and you own a medium range PC.

The extensions found in the Firefox online store are extensive as well, covering a wide range of topics – wallpapers, fixes, etc.

The wide range of features found in Chrome cannot be compared with the ones found in Firefox, but what this browser lacks in extension variation, it makes up for in the speed department.

If you have a low-end or a medium-end PC, then Mozilla Firefox is your best bet.

Download Firefox


In this article, we explored the best browser options for your Windows 10 PC that allow you to play ROBLOX easily.

UR Browser stands out with some of the best results overall, working perfectly on both high-end and low-end PCs, and offering great privacy features, while also offering a full gaming experience.

Please feel free to share your opinion about this topic with us by using the comment section below.