7 best browsers to play ROBLOX in 2022

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  • Fortunately, you no longer need to download the special Roblox browser to play the game.
  • We've created an awesome list with the best browsers to play Roblox with.
  • Some of the choices are products that were optimized specifically for playing games.
  • Note that these options are also free to download, so you can try all of them out if you wish.
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A few years ago, in order to play ROBLOX on your PC, you had to download the ROBLOX browser. This was sluggish and limited in its capabilities.

You didn’t get access to functional tabs, it only allowed you to browse the ROBLOX website, and the URL bar couldn’t be edited in any way.

Fortunately, those times are long gone. In 2011, ROBLOX was already compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but you still needed to install the ROBLOX browser on your PC in order to get access.

All issues ended a year later when the new release was not tied to the ROBLOX browser anymore.

In this article, we will try to explore what is the best browser to play ROBLOX on your Windows 10 PC.  The results will vary, depending on the processing power of the computer you’re using.

What is the best browser to play ROBLOX on Windows 10/11?

Opera GX

Opera GX is a version of the emerging Opera browser, specifically designed for gamers. That’s why it ranks in the top position in our recommendations.

Opera GX can be downloaded independently of your main browser. You can save it as the default search engine, as well, and use the excellent RAM and CPU limiter features to control how much of your PC capacity you want the browser to take.

As for using it exclusively for gaming, Opera offers customized themes, sounds, and designs to immerse yourself completely in the gaming creation.

Additionally, with the Discord integration, you make sure that you’re staying connected to your gaming peers. The Twitch integration is also worth mentioning since you might want to use it for further analysis of your designs.

Other notable features that will surely contribute to a positive impact while playing ROBLOX are the inbuilt ad-blocker, messenger tabs for various social media platforms, and separate workspaces.

Opera GX

Try Opera GX today and benefit from all the exclusive gaming features by taking your ROBLOX experience to the next level.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most versatile browsers you can use to play ROBLOX on Windows 10.

If your computer can handle the high impact on the CPU, then choosing Chrome will surely help you experience the full effect of your game.

Note: Users with low-end PCs might experience slow loading speeds and possible crashes when using Chrome to play ROBLOX. In this case, you might want to check out the other recommended browsers.

The Chrome Web Store contains great extensions that can help you greatly in playing Roblox. Here are a few of them:

  • BTRoblox

This extension found in the Chrome Web Store enhances the Roblox website and can modify the look, while also adding a wide range of additional features.

You can see more details about this extension, and download it to your browser, by accessing the Chrome Web Store BTRoblox download page.

  • Roblox Enhancer

This extension can also add an incredibly wide range of new features to your ROBLOX experience. You get access to different fixes, a website status shortcut, auto-refresh features, and also message notifications.

Get Google Chrome

Brave Browser

This browser is an extremely resourceful tool for a private online experience and it has lots of integrated features to improve your game performance. 

With this completely private browser, you’re covered against tracking websites and ads that store your personal data. This way, you get x2 faster navigation online and enjoy your content. 

Your security is also increased with the help of an integrated VPN and firewall that encrypts your connection and secures any digital behaviors. 

The built-in VPN can secure your network not only on your browser but on other devices like mobiles or on the full system.

In addition, you have a very helpful feature called Brave Talk and it offers a confidential video call platform to hang out with your friends while you’re playing ROBLOX. 

There is no need for other applications or extensions to take the call and it’s fully protected from third-party invasive trackers. 

Get Brave Browser

Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi is a privacy-friendly option that can provide you with lots of practical features and support to play your ROBLOX browser games.

This browser puts privacy first and comes with an ad-blocker tool, plus tracking protection from different websites.

You can use effective browsing tools designed to streamline your experience. Thus, you have tab master tools like split-screen tabs, grouping, or favorite tabs in the sidebar.

With the extensions support, it’s possible to enhance your browser with Chrome extensions or other efficient ones.

Moreover, you can enjoy mouse gestures or keyboard shortcuts for your gaming activities and easily access your fun content online.

Get Vivaldi Browser

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is another great option if you want to play ROBLOX on your Windows 10 operating system, and you own a medium-range PC.

The extensions found in the Firefox online store are extensive as well, covering a wide range of topics – wallpapers, fixes, etc.

The wide range of features found in Chrome cannot be compared with the ones found in Firefox, but what this browser lacks in extension variation, it makes up for in the speed department.

If you have a low-end or a medium-end PC, then Mozilla Firefox is your best bet.

Get Firefox

UR Browser

The UR Browser is another option to try out when you want to play ROBLOX. This software option gives you the processing power and speed of Google Chrome and the low system impact that Firefox has.

This software is perfectly optimized to adapt to any system configuration, and also offers an incredibly wide range of customization options.

Besides all these features, UR Browser also offers you unparalleled security and privacy online, while giving you quick access to any of its features.

The speed, privacy, processing power, versatility, and customization power found in this software make UR Browser one of the best software to play ROBLOX online.

Get UR Browser

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has a lot of advanced features and functionalities that can be really useful for regular users or gamers.

This browser is the right choice for productivity and an organized homepage so that you can get done all your duties and save time for relaxation. 

You also have anti-tracking security tools that can block persistent ads using your personal information for useless promotions. 

Moreover, using this browser will highly prevent you from digital threats like malware or phishing attacks. According to the test by CyberRatings.org, malware protection is even higher than Chrome protection. 

There are also privacy instruments such as passwords manager, data breach protection, easier online shopping, and multi-level tracking privacy.

Even though it’s not a gaming dedicated browser, you can surely benefit from features that support your online gaming experience.  

Get Microsoft Edge

Can you play Roblox in the browser?

It was officially announced in 2012 that Roblox games can be played directly on the browser. That means you can run multiple games on different browsers like Opera, Firefox, or Google Chrome.

In order to do this, you need to use a mobile cloud to start Roblox games on your current browser. You can thus use Now.gg to install the game in the browser right away.

You only have to login into the browser and choose your gameplay with other millions of users worldwide.

However, there is also the possibility to install Roblox on the PC and launch it anytime you feel like it.

So, in this article, we explored the best browser options to use when playing ROBLOX on your Windows 10 PC.

All of the options listed above are good, however, it all depends on the capacity of your PC.

Also, you should decide whether you want a dedicated browser with exclusive features, such as Opera GX, or a more general one, like the others.

Please feel free to share your opinion about this topic with us by using the comments section below.

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