5 Best Civil War Games to Play Online [Free & No Download]

These five options will not disappoint you

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Key notes

  • Finding the perfect online civil war game is a daunting task considering the number of options available.
  • Different civil war games let you take charge of a variety of characters, and strategies.
  • This guide will surely help you make an informed decision, and find the perfect war game for you.
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Civil war games online bring you back a couple of years ago, straight into the civil war to experience the thrill of battle. As a matter of fact, civil war games are a whole game genre packed with popular titles.

Different civil war games online let you take charge of a variety of characters, but in most, you are in charge of strategy, financing, and similar military operations.

This is where most games differ. While some are turn-based, others adopt a WeGo gameplay where you prepare your squads and make needed preparations to take on a battle over which you’ll have direct control.

Can I play civil war games in my browser?

Navigating to Playclassic.games will bring you to a vast library where you may play civil war browser games.

Every single one of the classic old games is collected there. You may play the greatest vintage DOS games as well as classic console games, such as the free online civil war games with no download required.

What is the best browser for gaming?

In order to play your preferred civil war games online without any issues, we recommend that you use a stable and yet gaming-inclined browser.

Opera GX gives you unprecedented access to a variety of gaming-related features like RAM optimization, and on top of that, you get incredible browsing speeds and powerful online security.

In this post, we’ll review five of the very best civil war games online. Stopping at five games was tough because I had to leave out great civil war games like Brother against BrotherScourge of War, etc.

Opera GX

Control resources, customize your UI, chat on Discord, and more!

If you are searching for the top civil war games online, you can’t go wrong with the five that made it to this list.

What are the best civil war games to play online?

Ultimate General: Civil War – Populat choice

Step into the shoes of America’s heroes as you command either the Union or Confederation armies in Ultimate General: Civil War. You can’t review civil war games online without including this game, as it is one of the best civil war strategy games online.

If you enjoyed Ultimate General: Gettysburg, then you may want to check out this follow-up release. In the Civil War, the player can adapt effective, effective wartime tactics that are similar to that of Total War games.

Playing Ultimate General: Civil War, you begin as a small-time captain, and you play to progress to the rank of Major General.

The game is a tricky one and detailed, as players can personalize their military by naming the units and managing their uniforms as well as training.

The thrill of equipping and training your army and following specific officers and brigades during the civil war is an experience everyone craves in a civil war game. Ultimate General: Civil War delivers this excellently.

Get Ultimate General: Civil War on Steam

HexWar Civil War: 1863 – Offers different difficulty levels


Relive the American civil war and all of its drama with the Civil War: 1863. Starting out as a mobile game on iOS and Android devices, the Civil War: 186x series has made its way to become one of the best civil war games online on desktops.

The developers of this game, HexWar, designed it in a way that players will participate in numerous scenarios during the civil war battles taking place in the 1860s, and for this title, it’s 1863.

These battle scenarios are incredibly puzzling, and most players will have to knock a couple of hours off their time to accomplish missions.

Thankfully, you can adjust the game’s AI difficulty to make it more playable, unlike other similar civil war games online, making it one of the best civil war games online for students, kids, and even adults.

Get HexWar Civil War: 1863 on Steam

Gettysburg: The Tide Turns – Uses random turns


Lovers of civil war games online who find the battle of Gettysburg thrilling would definitely fall in love with Gettysburg: The Tide Turns.

The Confederacy saw its peak in Gettysburg, and this game gives players a chance to live through these battles.

Playing The Tide Turns, the first thing you would notice is its turn system. Your army units’ turn order is selected randomly from the other units on the field.

Due to this randomness, the battles in this game are uncertain. However, one could argue that this is a perfect representation of the actual nature of Gettysburg.

Get Gettysburg: The Tide Turns on Steam

Civil War II – Play as the Commander-in-Chief or President of the USA


Moving away from the turn-based style of play prevalent in most other civil war games online, Civil War II instead brings you into the thick of the action with its WeGo gameplay.

In Civil War II, the player becomes the Commander-in-Chief or President of the USA and controls the entire war operations from behind the scenes.

Thanks to the WeGo gameplay, meeting an enemy could get tricky, but each encounter seems way different from the last one.

Also, you have to plan your attacks way ahead of time to be most effective.

Still, when it comes to the gameplay, you are able to modify the army pecking order and chain of command. With this, players can truly own the game and personalize it any way they see fit.

I must also add that you’re doing more than handing out military orders; the player also gets to manage things like money distribution.

He/she will be the one to choose the amount of available printed cash. Players can also place embargos. These extra factors make for a fantastic wargame.

Get Civil War II on Steam

The Operational Art of War 4 – Offers extra war scenarios


The Operational Art of War 4 is unlike the other civil war games online on this list.

This fact is because you can’t classify the game as a typical civil war game because not all scenarios are from the civil war. However, this game features some important civil war scenarios.

Some civil war scenarios that you’ll face include Antietam and Gettysburg. These battles are sufficient to bring TOAW4 to this list of the best civil war games online.

On the other hand, if you only want to enjoy your game without these scenarios, you can download community scenarios easily or edit one to your taste.

Get The Operational Art of War 4 on Steam

Civil war games let you travel back in time and get into the mix of the various scenarios and battles of the American civil war.

If you’ve seen these games, check out what we think are the best survival horror games for PC. For now, however, you need to focus on strategy because you have a war coming.

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