Best Windows 10 Disk Space Analyzer Software to find Space Hogging Files

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Any person using a computer is well aware with the problem of low disk space. To resolve this issue Disk Space Analyzers are used for windows. What is a Disk Space Analyzer you ask?

It is a software utility for windows used by many people around the world to kick out the problem of low disk space. Disk Space Analyzer software visualizes the hard disk space usage on your personal computer by getting the size for each for each folder this also includes the sub folders and files or folders in a drive.

This software allows the user to understand the distribution of his hard disk usage between different folders or any other criteria specified by generating graphical presentation. Some of these software also offer the analysis of history of size and count for each folder which helps in finding the growing folders.

There are numerous software offered on the internet for the Disk Space Analysis for Windows. Some of them are mentioned below with their specifications.

Glary Utilities (recommended)

Glary Utilities is a software software which performs the basic functions of disk space analyzer and presents the disk space used by the user of the computer. It shows all the information used by the files and fodders using most of the space on your computer. Then the information gathered is presented in a graphical form. This software also performs the task of system optimizer software.



It is a freeware for windows. This software analyses the number of files and folder on the hard disk drive and determine files and folders occupying the most of the disk space on your computer. WinDirStat views the data in colorful visual depiction making it is easy for the user to understand the data provided by the software. The visual depiction includes all the files and folders on the hard disk of your computer and this software also allows you to remove the unwanted files from your computer



This software is also a freeware and provides the function a disk analyzer software for windows. It presents the data relating to the size of the files and folders graphically, making it stress-free for the user to comprehend. Space Sniffer displays the complete structure of the directory in a tree form, displaying the files and folders according to their sizes. it is also easy to find the folders or files in software by just typing the first letter of the name of folder or file you are trying to find. this characteristic helps in filtering the specific extensions and filenames.



This app is not a freeware and costs $24.95 but this app is advanced in spite of other basic apps. The developers of this app also offers 30-day free trial. This app shows the data in tree view and graphical view and these views can be configured by the user. It is not easy as other apps and is mainly designed for the advanced users. It is also available as a portable app.



It is a freeware for windows user to analyze the disk space for your personal computer. This app rapidly scans the hard drive and exhibits the directories and files which occupies the most space on the drive. This app enables the integration with the contextual menu of Windows explorer. Tree Size presents the data in detail form as the name of files and folders, size, allocated size, number of directories, number of files and total disk space used as percentage.

Folder Size


This software is developed Mind Gems Softwares. It is freely distributed for the users. It displays the scanned data as a chart display making visual but need a flash player to show the data. It also has the ability to scan a folder and show size, percent of space used, number of files, number of sub-folders, date, attributes and owner. It shows the data in different units as bytes, KB, MB or GB.



For analyzing the disk space on windows GetFolderSize is a freeware. It lets the user find all the files and folders occupying the maximum of the disk space creating the issue of low disk space. It then saves the data report to a text file. It shows the file sizes in KBs, MBs and GBs.


To find the unwanted files on your computer Scanner is a very useful tool to perform this task. It scans the disk and analyzes the files according to their size and presents the information in the form of pie chart.



Scanning and analyzing is the main function of this software to determine the size on disk and impact on the computer. It is a freeware software and it serves as a disk space analyzer. It displays the results of analyzing in the form of Bar Graph and percentages. It also improves the performance of your PC.



It is a free disk analyzer software for windows which evaluates the information about the disk space engaged by different files and folders. And it lets the user of the software to remove the unwanted files and folders. The report is then displayed in the form of a table and charts to be understood easily. This software is Java based which makes it more user friendly.



it is a portal utility software which offers the function of detecting the size of the hard disk used by the directories and space inside them. This software is freeware and is compatible with all the versions of Windows and Linux.



This is one the most popular free disk analyzer software which is designed to provide the information about the disk space used by different directories. In this software user can customize the scans and or delete filters while scanning for the files. It then represents the information in the form of a chart which can easily be understood by the user.

Free Disk Analyzer


This analyzer software not only analyze your disk but it also organizes your files and optimizes the disk through the identification of the largest file on the drive. This software allows to search quickly for location of large files and relocates these files to a new place on the drive. Free Disk Analyzer also deletes the unwanted data on the drive to optimize it. The results from analyzing is showed and visual graphs.



A freeware, Spyglass is a disk analyzer software, which provides visual presentation of disk space used by the files and folders. Spyglass also removes the duplicate files and folders from the computer, making it a multipurpose software your computer. It can also be integrated with the right click menu of windows.



This freeware is a software to analyze the disk space on the computer. It displays the folders and files according their file size. pfFolderSize gives you the preference to integrate it with the contextual menu of the file explorer.

Directory Size Calculator

Directory Size Calculator

To analyze the disk space, Directory Size Calculator is a freeware for your computer. This software helps in identifying the large files on the drive. This app also allows you to remove the unwanted files and folders from the computer which use excess space. It presents the data in detail form stating the size of each file is MBs and percentage.



Another free analyzer software is HDGraph, this software analyses the usage of hard disk and shows the biggest files on the drive. It also presents the result of analysis visually, making it use friendly. And it helps in removing unwanted programs and files from the computer. HDGraph includes the option to integrate with windows explorer and this is a portable software.

Wiz Tree


Evaluating the disk space usage by different files and folders on a computer is the function of this freeware. It gathers the information about these files and folders acquiring maximum disk space. It has the ability to scan the drive quickly.

DiskFerret Free


It is the free version of DiskFerret and the pro version can be purchased for full options. This software helps in deciding about decreasing content, editing files, deleting data and other important decisions based on the evaluation of your disk usage. The results from the analysis are displayed through visual graphs and bars.



Analyzing of the disk space usage aside this software also displays the distribution of the files on hard disk. This distribution is viewed in a tree form and uses graphical representations such as graphs and tables for the result of analysis. Xinorbis scans the drive fast and provides a customized report to the user. This is also free to use software.

fOsi X

fosi x

This is a freeware and all the basic functions of disk space analyzer for windows. It uses pie and bar graphs and charts to visually show the results of the analysis. It lets you understand the number of files and folders in a directory which occupy the maximum amount of disk space. Uniqueness of this software is that it allows you to save the report in two formats either in as an image or to the clipboard.


Sizectory is a freeware for disk space analyzing for windows. It allows the user to find the number of the files and directories on your computer. These files are selected according to the size of the files on the drive. This software also helps in removing the undesired files from the computer to optimize the hard drive of your computer.


It is a freeware and disk analyzing software for windows. It allows the user to find the audio files, document files, picture files and video files which acquire the biggest chunk on the hard disk drive. Guido displays the information in the form of graphs and pie charts.

Disk Audit


Finding the games, movies, videos, documents, music, files and images inhabiting the major chunk of your disk drive is the main purpose of this free software. This software finds all the unwanted files on your hard drive and helps you gain more space on your PC.

SlimCleaner Free


SlimCleaner free is the free trial version of the full version which can be bought over the internet. This app allows the user to find the files and folders using the major amount of your hard drive. It is a very lightweight software. It also cleans the registry of your PC.

Hard Disk Drive sizes are increasing as the technology is upgrading day by day, decreasing the need of deleting files and other personal stuff to save disk space on computers. But whatsoever said it is always a good idea to be aware of the game, music, images or documents which eat up most of the disk space on your computer and deleting all the unnecessary files and other stuff to make up space for whenever you need it in future. It is hard to determine which of these is the best but users can rely on any of these to get what they want i.e to save disk space.


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