Best file manager with tags to organise your files

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • There are many programs that can simplify your search and categorise the files on your desktop.
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Having access to terabytes of storage is a great feature nowadays. You can store endless amounts of files, documents, videos, games and images of varying sizes on your computer.

This comes at a great cost, however. Having so many files on your computer can get a bit confusing, especially when you wish to find specific ones.

Be it a recent picture you took with your phone or an important document regarding a meeting, many users find themselves lost in the sea of documents trying to find what they are looking for.

While trying to organise your files into specific folders is a good way of keeping track of them, there are other more efficient ways of doing it.

We recommend the use of file managing software, especially those that have a Tagging feature.

We’ll present you a list with the best file managers on the market.

Best software for organising your files with tags


Tabbles is the best software for file managing and tagging on Windows 10, offering many features such as being able to tag any type of file on any system.

The software will not interfere with your file names, nor does it leave hidden files.

Besides creating tags manually, Tabbles will create tags for your folders by itself, based on their path, name and content.

Not only does the program offer a multitude of features, it is also user friendly, having a simple interface.

Here is a list of its key features:

  • Enables you to find files fast
  • Allows for moving tagged folders without losing their tags
  • Supports file synchronisation
  • Supports tagging Outlook emails on any browser
  • Allows for auto-tagging and file sharing between colleagues
  • Deeply integrated with windows explorer

Try Tabbles


Another great product that you can download is TagSpaces. The software doesn’t require an internet connection in order to run, so you don’t need to worry about internet outages.

The application is designed to be highly customizable, having an open-source code, allowing for the opening of different file types.

Your files are kept private, thanks to the ability to use the program while offline.

Other great features of TagSpaces:

  • organises your files, photos, documents
  • can be used as a file manager
  • allows the user to add custom thumbnails and text descriptions for every folder

Try TagSpaces


Tagflow is a multiplatform software which is compatible with Windows, Mac and linux. It allows you to store files by tagging them.

The program has the simplest and the least confusing interface, coupled with a simplified file search system that is based on keywords.

The program automatically generates tags for the files that are being added to it, yet it still allows the user to create custom ones.

Try Tagflow


RecentX is yet another easy to use, fast phased windows file explorer. It automatically detects the files that are the most important on your computer and helps you find them easier.

The program claims to be able to find any file on your computer in less than 3 seconds, no matter how well hidden they are. You no longer need to access deep folder-trees in order to find anything.

Besides its speed, RecentX remembers the files you searched for in the past in case you need them again in the near future. It also remembers everything you copy into the clipboard

Try RecentX


The last product we’re going to talk about is FileTag, which has a wonderful interface, completely integrated and updated to Windows 10.

The application allows you to set notifications regarding important files that you need to be reminded of.

It features a multitude of inputs such as mouse and touch for windows tablets and laptops, as well as having Cortana-integrated voice commands.

Try Filetag

These are our suggested file managing programs that include tags for Windows 10. They will make storing and finding files less tressful and easier.

Fortunately, because they work on multiple platforms, they can be used on tablets, desktops and laptops without problem.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave some feedback in the comments bellow.

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