Brace yourself as Windows 11 issues could slow down your connection

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • New issues with Windows 11 include Intel networking hardware problems.
  • Devices that use the hardware are likely to be hard hit with slow internet.
  • Microsoft is yet to come up with a solution to address the issues.

Windows 11 has just dropped and it seems there are already issues to be solved. Currently, there is a problem with the Intel Killer network drivers that affect the internet connection. Microsoft has in the past documented compatibility issues with the Intel networking hardware.

Performance issues

According to Microsoft, devices that operate the affected software might experience a drop in UDP packets under certain circumstances. This in turn will bring about performance and protocol-based issues.

For instance, some websites may have trouble loading or load at a slower rate compared to others.

Memory fail

There is also another issue regarding memory failure. A number of Reddit users are reporting on the forum that once they close File Explorer, the RAM used fails to release.

Essentially, if you attempt to open multiple folders, resources are sapping and eventually blocking a chunk of memory making the system lag.

So far, the only workaround is to restart File explorer through the Task Manager or restart your PC.

Hold your horses

Devices that use Intel killer hardware will experience a slow internet connection, buffering while streaming and/or sluggishness when using VPNs running on UDP or TCP. Since Microsoft is yet to come up with a solution you may want to hold off a bit in upgrading to Windows 11.

More problems are also anticipated as with any big OS launch. The official list of known issues is so far no cause for alarm. Still, it will be a while before Windows Update tells you that your PC is ready for the OS upgrade.

You can manually install the OS even though there is an automated rollout but it would be best to wait.

Judging from this Reddit user, he updated to Windows 11 immediately and now his PC won’t start

New updates

Microsoft is currently working on the problem and a solution is anticipated in a week’s time.

Are you part of the team to jump on the OS once it launches or will you hold off to see how things pan out? Let us know in the comment section below.