5 Best Browsers That Support ServiceNow

Optimize your workflow by using ServiceNow on web browsers

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  • ServiceNow is a cloud-based software that helps users improve work efficiency.
  • Not all versions of Internet Explorer are supported by ServiceNow.
  • ServiceNow can work on Mac computers but not with every browser.
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One of the frequent questions we get from users is what browser supports ServiceNow. Since the software can be accessed over the browser, it has become easier to use.

ServiceNow deals with systems that help organizations automate, organize, manage, and improve work efficiency. Also, using the ServiceNow tool allows employees to perform their duties in any way they want. ServiceNow is a cross-browser and cross-platform tool.

Although not all browsers are perfect for using ServiceNow, there are a few that fit well into the preferences of the software.

How do I know if my browser supports ServiceNow?

Most browsers are supported by ServiceNow. However, only a few browsers like Internet Explorer (some versions) and some others are not supported.

More so, only the IE version 11 and up. Edge mode of Internet Explorer is supported. ServiceNow now has requirements it looks for in browsers before giving them the permits to run the software.

Nevertheless, you can go to the official website of ServiceNow to read more about the browsers that are supported and their requirements.

Does ServiceNow work on Mac?

ServiceNow works perfectly on Mac but not with all browsers. However, users can only access ServiceNow on their Mac computer through Firefox (24.6 and up), the latest public release of Google Chrome, and Safari (5.0 and up).

Furthermore, we recommend that users check the ServiceNow FAQ page for more details.

What browsers does ServiceNow support?

Opera – Ideal browser for ServiceNow

Opera is one of the fastset browsers on the market, with up-to-date features that will help you browse safely. Moreover, it’s one of the browsers with the smallest system footprint, making a great candidate to carry out tasks on ServiceNow.

The browser lets you organize your tabs in customized workspaces and includes advanced features like a an adblocker and battery saver that can help improve overall performance.


Stay on top of your work with this intuitive and performance-oriented browser!

Google Chrome – Fast and reliable browsing performance

It is a Chromium-based browser by Google. Hence, it has lots of advanced features that help users get the best browsing experience. However, it is one of the best browsers to use for ServiceNow because of its speed and reliability.

Also, there are lots of extensions users can download to improve their productivity online. These extensions are tailored to help with the smooth organization and optimization of the team’s performance.

You can even take advantage of the intuitive interface and fast browsing speed for improved workflow.

Get Google Chrome

Firefox – Best in security and customization

Another browser that supports ServiceNow is Mozilla Firefox. Though ServiceNow doesn’t support Firefox on all operating systems, it is one of the best and most reliable browsers for it.

Likewise, it has a great browsing speed and user privacy. These make the Firefox browser to be one of the best options that support ServiceNow.

Also, the plug-ins available are similar to the Google extensions and as such, can be utilized for improved workflow.

Get Firefox

Safari– Ideal for Mac users

Safari is the default browser for Apple devices. It is a fast, secure, and reliable browser. More so, it comes with advanced features like extensions and customization.

Further, user privacy is at the forefront of Apple’s hard-centric data protection program. Hence, the Safari browser will ensure your team’s data is protected while using the browser for ServiceNow.

Get Safari

Microsoft Edge – Great for Windows users

Microsoft Edge is a fast browser that is available across different operating systems. It is one of the best in the market. Some of its features are speed, privacy, multimedia content features, etc.

Being a Chromium-based browser, it can also support ServiceNow without hassles. From the extensions available to improve workflow to the data tracking and user data protection services, it is a good browser for your team.

Get Microsoft Edge

These were our recommendations for today. You can leave your questions and suggestions below in the comments section. We’d like to hear from you.

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