Build 22000.120 still didn't fix major taskbar and Start menu issues

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Key notes

  • Even though Microsoft mentioned in the new build's release notes that it fixed some of the old issues we were dealing with, those problems are still occurring. 
  • From context menu bugs to critical taskbar and Start menu errors, Windows 11 is far from being a more stable experience.
  • Users are facing similar issues as two builds ago, which leaves them wondering how is Microsoft solving the issues if they are still present.
  • This article keeps track of the bugs and issues that ruin user experience on the new 22000.120 build for Windows 11.
22000.120 bugs
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As expected, seeing how Windows 11 is still in its testing phase, the new build also comes with some nasty bugs that either haven’t been dealt with during development or are brand new.

Still, the community is fast in flagging these issues and Microsoft surely has enough information to go ahead and perform the necessary tweaks.

In this article, we will explore the problems that ruin user experience on the new build.

Windows 11 Insider build 22000.120 bugs and issues

Context menu still flickers on files and folders

Even though in the release notes Microsoft clearly stated that they took care of the problems that users experienced when it came to context menus, the truth seems to be a bit different.

Reports are coming in that people are still struggling with this issue even on the new build.

The context menu has yet to prove itself a stable experience, to say the least. It sometimes works, while other times it appears underneath other layers on your desktop, or not at all, or it just flickers continuously.

Widgets still not working properly

As we mentioned in the articles related to the problems that previous builds had, the Widgets feature is still broken and only works for some Insiders.

Sometimes widgets don’t appear at all, while for other users they lack functionality. This Windows Insider says that he can’t sign in to Widgets.

Although not a system-threatening issue, you can understand how this can easily lead to frustration and dismissal.

Snapping still won’t work and layering is all wrong on multiple displays

There really seems to be an important issue with the snapping feature, and apparently, a hard one to solve, considering that it’s been going on since a couple of builds ago.

Maybe Microsoft met its match when it comes to bugs, or maybe they keep fixing it but not well enough since it always finds a way back into users’ PCs.

We’ve heard about issues with Windows 11 being used on multiple monitors, again, since two or three builds ago, and the Redmond company still hasn’t managed to sort this out.

Clearly, Windows 11 is a long way out from shore right now, and sailing back will prove to be maybe the biggest challenge Microsoft ever had to face.

Everyone thinks that because every time the tech company feels like it’s making some progress, the reality is that Insiders are stuck with the same old problems, even though new patches are supposed to fix them.

Taskbar and Start menu still not working for some Insiders

Since we were talking about persistent issues, here’s a situation that will surely leave you questioning Microsoft’s ability to actually fix problems, instead of creating new ones.

Reddit user Glitchdweller is facing one major problem since build 22000.71, and it still hasn’t been remediated in any way.

Signing out and signing back in does not fix it, no matter how hard I try. I have submitted feedback in the feedback hub, but it says the problem was fixed in 22000.71, despite that being the version that caused this issue in the first place. I have no clue what the problem is, nor what the solution might be.

To be more exact, his taskbar or Start menu aren’t working and no amount of fixes and improvements seems to solve this issue for him.

Even after he took matters into his own hands and performed some system-level tweaks using the registry tool, the issue is still there, and more annoying than ever.

Settings app crashes when using Windows Update

Updating to Windows 11 build 22000.120 means that this Windows Insider can no longer interact with the Optional updates section of his settings app.

As he reports, when trying to access this part of the system’s settings dedicated panel, instead of gaining access, the Settings app just freezes and crashes a few seconds later.

Since updating to Windows 11, I am not able to see/use the Optional updates function located on Settings > Windows Update > Advanced options > Optional updates. The Settings app just freezes and then after a couple of seconds it crashes.

Gaming experience is even worse with new build

This isn’t the first time we hear that gaming on Windows 11 is an experience better avoided. But if you can’t really help yourself and want to try it, head the warnings of fellow Insiders that did and reported it to be bad.

It would seem that, after the new build update, gaming is even worse than it was on the previous Insider build, with GPU and CPU temperatures rising above normal.

I think I have encountered a bug in the latest Windows Insider Beta build (22000.120). It seems like my CPU and GPU temperatures have increased from the last update. It also seems like the performance of the game has also gone down after the update. Has anyone else experienced this? I just want to see if it’s something with me or if it’s something with the build itself.

Taskbar flyout menu isn’t working on build 22000.120

To be fair, Microsoft did warn us that this new Insider build may break the taskbar or/and Start menu for many of us.

Still, this is no excuse not to fix such vital components of the operating system. And it’s not just this build that brings issues on this category of system tools.

Insiders that are dealing with this sort of problem are already reporting abnormal behavior.

Unable to save custome theme

There are, of course, users that instead of going with a preset theme for their desktop backgrounds, choose to create a personalized one and save it to the system.

However, if you decide to do this on the new Insider build, you might be disappointed. Some of the people that have tried to do so are now pointing out that that saving the customer themes is not working.

I am trying to save my theme I made for my background on my pc. My pc has the latest version of windows. Although, after I name my theme and want to save it, the save button will not light up. Therefore, I am unable to save my theme. If someone can help figure out this bug, that would be great.

Not being able to personalize your system can prove to be quite annoying for some, as they have grown accustomed to a certain style when it comes to the Windows OS.

File Explorer broke during build tranzition

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s the case, it means that a video would be worth a million words, at least.

And since you can’t beat statistics, here’s a video of a Windows Insider that is running the current build, 22000.120, trying to access his File Explorer.

Every time he tries to access Explorer, the app just crashes instantaneously. Starting it, again and again, will only result in the same scenario.

We will keep track of everything that goes on with the current build and report our findings through this article.

Make sure to keep an eye on all this information, so that you will have an idea of what to expect while testing the new Insider build for Windows 11.

What are some of the bugs you came across on build 22000.120 so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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