What is Caktus AI & How to Properly Use it

Your very own brain boosting AI sidekick

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Key notes

  • Caktus.AI helps you write and edit your essays & research papers in your writing style with efficiency.
  • To learn more about this AI assistant, read on! 
Caktus AI

Whether you are a university student seeking academic guidance or a tech enthusiast eager to learn coding at your own pace, Caktus AI is here to lend a hand!

This comprehensive guide will introduce you to Caktus AI, an emerging AI assistant. We will explore how it can help you elevate your content quality while facilitating a holistic learning experience all in one place.

Do you need to pay for Caktus AI?

After you sign up for a free account, Caktus AI gives you 20,000 credits, which is good for 5000 characters. However, you need to subscribe to an annual or monthly plan to enjoy unlimited assistance.

What is Caktus AI?

Caktus AI is an AI-powered learning platform founded by Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang. It features 56 robust tools & features, such as Essay Writer, Paragraph Generator, Citations, Content Improver, and more, designed to enhance personalized and efficient learning.

How Does Caktus AI Work?

Caktus AI uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques combined with access to the CORE database to produce high-quality educational results as per the query.

NLP allows the platform to understand and interpret human language, and the CORE database acts as a knowledge source.

Benefits of Using Caktus AI

1. Wide range of tools & features

Tools CAKtus AI

Caktus AI comes with 56 tools and features, including Essay Writer, Paragraph Generator, Discussion Questions, Text Summarizer, Content Improver, Personal Statement Writer, Email Writer, and Python Writer.

With the Humanize feature, the writing assistant enables you to generate content in your writing style, and if you are working on a research paper, the Citations feature can help you generate accurate citations and bibliographies in popular formats, including MLA, APA, and Chicago.

2. Seamless interactions & productivity

Chrome extension CAKtus AI

Like ChatGPT, Caktus also has its own chatbot, a versatile virtual assistant ready to answer your queries and engage in general conversations.

The Chrome extension for Caktus AI makes it possible to use artificial intelligence on every website you visit to take notes, write paragraphs, and more by just selecting text.

3. Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Caktus AI employs its state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) and ML algorithms to understand the query, interact, and answer it accordingly.

Due to these AI capabilities, it can analyze, generate, and improve text with a high level of accuracy and efficiency. Moreover, it has an ability to learn and adapt from user interactions, making sure it meet your needs.

Pricing Plans & Subscriptions Options

Pricing Plans & Subscriptions Options CAKtus AI
  • Monthly Premium plan– $14.99/ per month
  • Yearly Premium plan – $99.99 a year ($8.33 per month)

Benefits of using the Annual subscription plan:

  • Unlimited credits & access to all tools all year round
  • 20+ Templates and Flashcards to help you study
  • 100% plagiarism-free content generation
  • Access to the Math Solver tool with approximately 100 monthly step-by-step solutions.
  • Best for students who want to use it for longer periods and comes at a discounted price.

Tools & Features Offered by Caktus AI

  • Essay Writer Tool – Effortlessly organize your thoughts, enhance coherence, and craft well-structured essays on diverse topics, from science to literature, in a few minutes. Simply type in your prompt, and voila, witness the magic!
  • Writing Tool with Citation Sources – Write academic papers with precision while incorporating citation sources and accurate formatting and ensuring compliance with the citation standards.
  • Language Tutor Tool – Learn Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French, Mandarin, Italian, & Arabic. This tool also helps you improve your grammar, practice your pronunciation, vocabulary, and more.
  • Math Solver Tool – Assists you in understanding and solving complex mathematical equations & problems, making math learning easy and accessible.
  • Python Writer Tool – Provides assistance to learners and developers by generating Python code snippets for diverse applications and offering code enhancements.
  • Content Improver Tool – Suggests better words and sentence structure to express your thoughts and maintain the flow, thereby improving the overall quality of content.

How can I use Caktus AI?

  1. Visit Caktus AI official website and click Join Caktus.Join
  2. Enter username, email address, and strong password and click Continue.Join caktus AI
  3. Choose a monthly or yearly plan, and make the payments. You will be taken to the Caktus Dashboard, select any tool listed, enter a detailed prompt, and then click Generate to get Output.

Caktus AI Alternatives

  • ChatGPT – Efficiently responds to your queries and can help you with all text-related requests with its Chat 3.5 (Free) and ChatGPT 4 (Subscription-based) versions.
  • Plaito AI – This advanced AI website helps you with homework, exam preparations, & other writing support for all subjects and even with advanced placements.
  • Socratic AI – Provides visual explanations of important concepts in subjects like Science, Math, Literature, Social Studies, etc.
  • Tutor AI – Personalized tutoring and explaining complex concepts, enhancing hands-on learning and skill development.
  • Writecream – Has a free version with limited credits and helps you generate icebreakers, differentiators, articles, SEO-optimized ads, social media content, audio, image & video.
  • HIX.AI – Comes with free credits and has more than 120+ tools to choose from to help you generate unique content in a few minutes.

Caktus AI, a powerful tool, offers a wide range of critical features that can help students refine their writing skills & learn programming and mathematical problems at their own pace. Upon using it, we found that it works exceptionally well in addressing queries and generating quality content.

Further, to explain technical content, you’ll need SciSpace Copilot to help you easily understand the complexities.

However, if you are looking for a free content generator with advanced features to create content, read this guide.

What do you think about Caktus AI? Feel free to mention your thoughts in the comments section below.

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