4 Christmas tree USB flash drives to gift this season

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The Christmas season is around the corner and one of the best parts about this season is the gift it brings. If you are planning to gift a USB flash drive to your family and friends as a Christmas present, why not make it special by gifting a Christmas tree USB Flash drive?

Sounds cool right? Yes, and that’s why we have gathered the best deals on Christmas tree USB flash drive so that you can fill your loved one’s stocking with a special gift.

4 cool Christmas tree USB flash drives


MECO USB Thumb Drive – 16 GB

MECO USB Thumb Drive – 16 GB

The MECO USB thumb drive is a cool storage drive that comes with a novelty Christmas tree shaped case. Apart from that, it is a conventional USB drive that works with any USB supported devices including a smartphone with OTG support.

It comes with 16 GB of flash storage and USB 2.0 support. It works with Windows as well as Mac OS devices. There is a variant with 32GB of storage as well.

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32 GB Christmas Tree Santa Gift USB Flash Drive

32 GB Christmas Tree Santa Gift USB Flash Drive

If you want a higher capacity USB drive, this 32GB flash drive with novelty Christmas tree along with Santa metal boxing is a perfect gift for your friends and kids.

It works on Windows machines as well as other digital devices like Tablet, Speaker and smartphone with OTG support.


Pack of 4x 16 GB Christmas Flash Drive

Pack of 4x 16 GB Christmas Flash Drive

If you have some old family photos that you want to share with your family then this pack of 4x 16 GB USB flash drive with Christmas theme can be a great choice.

The package includes 4 USB drives with Santa Claus, Deer and Christmas tree casing and packed inside a gift box and can be used as coin purses change holder.

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8GB Crystal Christmas Green Tree USB Drive

8GB Crystal Christmas Green Tree USB Drive

If you want something extra solid then this crystal 8 GB USB flash drive with a green Christmas tree will store your holiday music and looks part of the theme.

It is a 2.0 compatible drive and works with all the USB compatible devices including smartphones with OTG support.


The Christmas Tree themed USB flash drive can be an excellent gift for children as well as friends and family. Just make sure you add some funny, memorable moments from the past or add some cool Christmas music before sending it over as a gift to make it extra special.



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