Google might bring Chrome notifications to Windows 10 Action Center

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
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Although the company originally denied it, there’s actually a good chance that Google will introduce native Chrome notifications to Windows 10. Google Chrome native notification support is already being tested for Mac OS X with some users already able to try the feature and luckily for Windows 10 users, there’s still hope.

Native notification support allows Mac OS X users to receive Chrome native notifications through the Mac’s own Notification Center, just like notifications from every other app. Users are able to receive Chrome notifications about new e-mail, websites, and more — all with integration with the platform’s own Do Not Disturb option, as well.

If Chrome native notifications ever come to Windows 10, users will receive them through the Action Center in the same manner as notifications from UWP apps and other programs. While Mac users can enable this option by going to chrome://flags/#enable-native-notifications, as of now it is not available for Windows 10 users.

Windows 10 might receive Chrome notifications in the future

Originally, Google stated that they wouldn’t support Chrome native notifications in the Windows 10 Action Center. Although this Windows 10 feature looked like a perfect fit for Chrome notifications, the company explained that there were too many “behaviorial differences between Windows 10 and older versions” and therefore had no plans to bring Chrome notifications to Microsoft’s latest operating system.

However, it looks like Google changed its tune: when asked about possible notifications support on Windows 10, a Google developer said that the team is actually exploring ways to bring Chrome notifications to the Windows 10 Action Center.

“Nothing is 100% sure on Windows until implementation begins and we fully evaluate what is possible, but it seems likely to me at least that we will be able to support native notifications on Windows 10,” the Chromium team member notification center

The Windows 10 Action Center would be a perfect replacement for Chrome Notifications Center because it will make receiving Google notifications more natural. However, it remains to be seen would like to receive Chrome notifications in their Action Center in the first place.

Previously, Google decided to pull support for Chrome Notification Center because some users didn’t even notice it was there. So, with this, no one can guarantee that a transition from the Chrome Notification Center to the Windows 10 Action Center would make any positive changes.

However, Google probably thinks that both the Windows 10 Action Center and Mac Notification Center will make Chrome notifications more visible and therefore more accessible to users, which could translate to a superior advantage compared to the old Chrome Notification Center.

Tell us in the comments below: would you like to receive Google Chrome notifications in your Windows 10 Action Center? Or do you think another type of notifications in Windows 10 is unnecessary?