5 Best Chromium-Based Browsers To Use [Ranked By Speed]

Did you know that most browsers are chromium-based?

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Key notes

  • Google Chrome is one of the first Chromium-based browsers, but it is not without its flaws.
  • Due to the open-source nature of the browser engine, there are multiple Chromium-based browsers to choose from.
  • Apart from offering robust features and huge collections, these browsers also offer built-in ad blockers and VPN support.
  • Scroll through the article to learn more about the best Chromium-based browsers for Windows and Mac systems.
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Chromium is an open-source browser project initially developed and used by Google for their Chrome browser. However, the popularity of Chrome meant other developers soon followed suit and developed chromium-based browsers.

Unfortunately, even today, when one speaks of a Chromium-based browser, only Chrome is recommended as the default choice. However, there are plenty of Chromium-based browsers that you can use.

Besides the obvious choice of Google Chrome, Microsoft also introduced its web browser, Edge, based on the Chromium platform. But are there more? 

Yes. This article looks at the best Chromium-based browser that offers all the goodies of a stock Chromium browser and an additional set of features.

Which is the fastest Chromium browser?

If speed is the only consideration, we recommend Microsoft’s newly revamped web browser, Edge. It excels on multiple tests, including Basemark, Speedo, and JetStream, and it slightly edges Google Chrome and Opera One in this metric.

Is Opera GX better than Chrome?

Opera GX comes with the core features of Opera One and added features for gamers. As a general-purpose browser, Chrome slightly wins, but since Opera GX is built as a gaming browser, it comes out heads and shoulders above any other browser for gaming.

Which is the best Chromium-based browser?

Opera One – Best Chromium browser for Mac

While it may not be the most obvious thing about this browser, Opera One is a Chromium-based browser available for both Mac and Windows computers. 

Compared to other Chromium-based browsers, Opera One offers excellent privacy features. For example, you can use the free VPN to bypass region-blocked websites, block ads, and load web pages faster with an ad blocker.

The latest edition of Opera One also includes in-browser chat apps on the edge of the browser. Furthermore, it also comes with plenty of customization options, including dark and light theme support.

While Opera One has its library of add-ons, you can also install Chrome Store extensions with the help Install Chrome Extensions add-on.

Key features of Opera One browser:

  • Chromium-based browser with a modern UI
  • Opera One add-ons and Chrome Store extension support 
  • Built-in ad blocker to load web pages faster and save data
  • Built-in messenger shortcuts 

Opera One

Explore the World Wide Web with one of the most stable and fast browser software in existence today.

Vivaldi – Most customizable

Vivaldi is another modern browser based on the open-source Chromium project. However, the browser looks nothing like Chrome and boasts its unique UI.

Vivaldi offers a two-level Tab Stack in the new release to help you group messy tabs together. Web Panel is another unique feature of Vivaldi that allows you to open a website anytime to view it on split-screen.

Like Opera One, Vivaldi also comes with a built-in ad tracker blocker to speed up page loading and offer better privacy. You can also customize the browser with custom keyboard shortcuts.

With built-in Chrome Extension support, you can install any and all the extensions from Chrome Store. Dig further into the themes tab, and you can control everything from themes to the color of your choice.

Key features of Vivaldi:

  • Plenty of customization options 
  • Support for Chrome Extension 
  • Built-in ad and tracker blockers 
  • Plenty of unique and additional features 

Get Vivaldi 

Microsoft Edge – Best for Windows 11

chromium based browsers

Microsoft relaunched Edge based on the Chromium platform, and since then, Edge has become an excellent alternative to Google Chrome. With a minimal user interface and unique features, it has the edge over Chrome.

The Collections feature in Edge allows the users to save web pages and group them for better organization. Whether you are an avid shopper or looking for job opportunities, you can organize it all under Collections.

Out-of-the-box compatibility with Chrome extensions makes it easy If you switch from Chrome. Edge comes with a comprehensive set of built-in accessibility tools to increase your productivity on the web.

Right-click on any web page, and you can access the built-in screenshot tool with scroll support, add pages to the collection and even translate selected text.

Key features of Microsoft Edge:

  • Good performance 
  • Easy to switch from Chrome 
  • Support for all the Chrome extensions 
  • Plenty of accessibility and productivity tools 

Get Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome – Most adaptable for plugins

Google Chrome is the first browser to have been built on the Chromium platform and, as a result, has been the most popular web browser on the Windows platform.

With its minimalist design, excellent extension support, Google account integration, and great sync between all your devices, Google Chrome holds its own against other Chromium-based browsers.

While Chrome is still an excellent browser for day-to-day use, the bad reputation for its memory management and battery optimization issues is something that low-end PC users should consider.

Key features of Google Chrome:

  • Excellent support for the newest security standards 
  • Fast and fluid operations 
  • Built-in PDF and flash player support
  • Huge library of Chrome extensions 

Get Google Chrome 

Brave Browser – Best Chromium browser for privacy

best chromium browser

Brave browser is another Chromium-based project with a focus on user privacy. It claims to be faster than Chrome, offers better privacy than Firefox, and is less power-hungry on handheld devices such as smartphones.

The Brave Shields feature consists of ad and tracker blockers. It helps load web pages faster on slow connections and save data on metered networks.

For optimal privacy, Brave offers Tor support out of the box. It also supports IPFS, Chrome extensions, and can import all your bookmarks from other browsers. Furthermore, you can further enhance online security using a VPN.

Key features of Brave browser:

  • Intuitive user interface 
  • Plenty of customization options 
  • Built-in ad and tracker blocker 
  • Chrome extension support

Get Brave Browser

Which browser uses the least RAM?

Opera One beats every other major browser for RAM use, hogs the least amount of system resources, and is the best option for older machines.

You can find out more about the best browsers with low memory usage in this guide.

Whether you are looking for a Chrome alternative to beat the high resource usage problem or just a change in design, there are plenty of Chromium-based browsers for you.

Please review the list and let us know your favorite Chromium-based browser in the comments below.

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