Built-in Chromium Edge antivirus blocks add-on installation for many

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Antivirus on Chromium Edge blocks add-ons

Microsoft is working on the development of Microsoft Edge at a very fast pace. The Big M recently rolled out a new update for Microsoft Edge.

The recent release brings many changes and added support for built-in virus scanning.

However, Microsoft acknowledged some problems as well. Those who are currently running Chromium Edge’s Canary version can no longer install add-ons.

This issue is related to the built-in antivirus program of the browser. The virus screening feature of the new Microsoft Edge blocks the installation of the add-ons.

Microsoft Edge add-ons


The browser warns that these add-ons can be a potential problem for your system. Thankfully, you can still install the add-ons from the Chrome Store.

As a quick reminder, Microsoft releases new updates for the Canary build on a daily basis. It is one of the major reasons that the Canary channel is more prone to deal with bugs.

Patch releasing very soon

Therefore, it is expected that this problem will be resolved within the next few days. Notably, Microsoft Edge is available in Beta and Dev versions as well. If you are one of those users who don’t like to deal with frequent issues on the Canary channel, you can go for other options.

Microsoft has not announced any release date for the official release for Microsoft Edge. But recently, a broken installer for the stable build was leaked online.

It looks like Microsoft has learned its lesson with the failed release of classic Edge in Windows 10. The tech giant wants to go through an extensive testing phase this time. Thousands of Windows Insiders are currently testing the browser.

You can download the pre-release version of Chromium Edge today. Meanwhile, we will keep a close eye on the situation.

Comment down below if you have experienced any other issues in the latest release.


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