Code Writer App: Must-Have Tool for Programmers in Windows 10/8.1

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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Programmers and web developers alike see the world in lines of code. Day in and day out they read or write line after line of code to create programs or other elements. If you fall in this category, and if you are a Windows 8, Windows 10 user, then the Code Writer app for Windows 10, Windows 8 will be a great addition to your device.

While some prefer using Notepad++ or other specialized software to write the codes they need, in some cases, what they need is a simple and lightweight program that will allow them to edit code pages or create them as easily as possible. Code Writer for Windows 10, Windows 8 is exactly the type of app they need, as it provides support for most types of coding, allowing the user to get the job done easily.

Code Writer for Windows 10, Windows 8 – How is it different

Code Writer is a solid tool, and in this article we’re going to cover the following topics:

  • How to use Code Writer – Code Writer is a simple code editor for Windows 10 and Windows 8, and in this article we’re going to show you some of its features and how to use it.
  • Code Writer autocomplete – Auto complete is useful feature that many code editors have. Code Writer doesn’t have full support for auto complete which can be a flaw for same users.
  • Code Writer keyboard shortcuts – Just like other code editors on the market, Code Writer supports various keyboard shortcuts. Using these shortcuts you can perform various actions without having to open additional menus.
  • Code Writer compiler – If you’re making Java or C++ applications, you might need need a compiler. Unfortunately, Code Writer doesn’t have a built-in compiler, so if you’re looking for this feature, you might want to consider using a different application.

I’ll start off by saying that Code Writer for Windows 10, Windows 8 is a freely downloadable app from the Windows Store. At only 1.45 MB, it is very small, but in this small body lie some great features, but surprisingly, the developer has managed to keep the app very simple, so the user can get his job done fast, and in a mode that is familiar and easy to understand (for a programmer at least).

Once you’ve installed the app, the first time you open it, you will be greeted by a start screen that offers you some information about the app and a few options that you might need (mostly how to get around the app). This screen will open only the first time you open the app, afterwords, you will see the main window only.

In the main window, you have a simple table of tile-like buttons that correspond to a different programming language. Users will have at their disposal over 20 different file types they can create, here are a few examples: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, C#, VB, C++, ASP, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, SQL, but there are others, less known or less used types available.

Code Writer autocomplete

Upon opening the type you want, you will have a blank page where you can write your code. The lines are numbered, just like in other code editors, so users can keep track of what they are doing. The interface is similar to what you would find in Notepad++, and if you’ve worked with it, you know how well it fairs.

Code Writer for Windows 10, Windows 8 benefits from one of the best user interfaces you could want, therefore, it would be a great app to do your work with. We also have to mention that the interface is quite minimalistic, so there’s no visual clutter or various menus to distract you.

Code Writer compiler

By right clicking in the edit window, you will see some options for the document on the bottom menu, as well as an Advanced Options button that gives users some additional features.

Code Writer keyboard shortcuts

Using the advanced options you can change the indentation of your code or remove all white spaces. In addition, you can also quickly convert any selection from lowercase to uppercase and vice versa.

The Advanced menu allows you to duplicate any line of code and add comments to your code. It’s also worth mentioning that you can perform all these actions simply by using the proper keyboard shortcuts without having to open Advanced settings menu.

At the top of the screen you will have a tab-like view of all the documents currently opened. One other very nice feature is that if you close the app while you were editing a document, once you’ve opened the app, you will just picked up where you left off, even if you didn’t save the document.

In the Settings charm users will find a number of options that they can modify. You can choose between three available themes and change the default font and its size. Of course, you can change other settings such as indentation and encoding with ease. If you want, you can also configure which file types will work with Code Writer.

How to use Code Writer

In the main menu you also have Open button that will forward you to the default Windows 8, Windows 10 file browser, and underneath this button, you will see a list of all your recently opened documents. Standard features such as Find and Replace and Go To are also available allowing you to find a specific line of code with ease.

Overall, Code Writer for Windows 10, Windows 8 is a perfect tool for programmers. Thanks to its simple, but intuitive interface, users can navigate the app easily and get their work done without having to bother with complex menus and confusing features.

In our tests, Code Writer for Windows 10, Windows 8 performed great with no crashes or any kind of error. I salute the developer’s choice to not add any ads in the app and for creating such a great code editor with so many wonderful features.

Download Code Editor for Windows 10, Windows 8

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2013 and has been since completely revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.