Cortana will soon make shopping that much easier

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Microsoft recently revealed a new focus for Cortana and Edge: shopping. With their upcoming features, Microsoft’s digital assistant will help users find the best prices and availability of similar products.

Shopping online using the Edge browser

With Cortana and Microsoft Edge, Microsoft’s primary goal is to offer features that will help users save time and money while shopping online. To do so, Microsoft unveiled a pilot feature targeted at helping users find the best prices for particular products they are viewing using the browser. Cortana will only notify users if the relevant details are available at the time they view the products.

Microsoft is just beginning to roll out the feature on Windows 10 Creators Update to be able to get some feedback. For now, the feature supports 14 retailers including Walmart, Amazon, and eBay in U.S. The company will increase the feature’s availability and also the number of supported retailers very soon, so stay tuned for upcoming updates.

Finding similar available options at lower prices

This feature will work in a similar manner to current features Cortana has where you see the assistant display notifications in the address bar in case there’s some helpful information available for the website you are currently visiting.

When you are on the site of a supported retailer, Cortana will alert you in case she finds similar options available at a lower price somewhere else.

After you click on the Cortana icon, the data will be displayed in the right pane within the same window.

Microsoft asks users who have the opportunity to try out this new feature to send in their feedback so that the company can improve it if necessary.



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