Cortana on Windows 8.1 PC and Tablet: Give it Time

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At the Build 2014 event, we’ve seen Microsoft announce Windows Phone 8.1 but also Windows 8.1 Update 1, among other interesting things. But many have already started wondering – when will Cortana arrive on Windows 8 computers and tablets?
cortana windows 8.1 pc
For those who are aware, the above screenshot is with the original Cortana, the game characther which inspired the current voice assistant that was introduced in Windows Phone 8.1. Rumor has it that Microsoft was developing such a tool well before Apple, but it seems that they didn’t evaluate correctly its potential (the same mistake they did with tablets). But all that’s behind and now voice assistant Cortana has finally been released and Windows Phone aficionados are going crazy about it.

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However, the first question on every Windows 8, 8.1 and even Windows RT owner lips is this – when will Cortana be released for Windows 8 and RT tablets and, who knows, maybe even Windows 8 desktop PCs. First of all, we need to understand that this is the first version of cortana windows 8.1 pcCortana and the best environment to test such a tool is, obviously, mobile. To be honest, it’s really hard to imagine using such a tool on a desktop PC. We don’t see Siri being used on desktop environments and even Google Now has a limited functionality.

Windows 8 tablets won’t get Cortana soon

However, Windows 8 is quite different from iOS and Google’s Android or Chrome products. First of all, we know have tablets which can run the good old desktop interface, so, if Microsoft does release Cortana for Windows 8, 8.1 and RT tablets, it’s hard to imagine that it won’t be available for Windows 8 computers, since the software will be all the same, right? Now, what Microsoft could do here is to offer Cortana as a download only for tablets and somehow restrict it on Windows 8 computers.

Or, since Satya Nadella is the new CEO and he definitely loves mobile and cloud, prove to that being Microsoft Office for the iPad, he could go all in and release it for desktop Windows 8 machines, as well. However, at the moment, it’s really hard to imagine how such a thing would work, so my bet is that it will come via a separate software download for Windows tablets only.

Also, Microsoft doesn’t update Windows Phone as often as Apple updates iOS or Google updates Android, so it might take a while until we see a next version of Cortana. Cortana obviously needs to be built within the software itself, so that’s why I think a download, after all, isn’t possible. The software needs to be “wrapped” around Cortana, as it has access to so many options inside.

Therefore, if we are realistic, we’ll only see Cortana for desktop and touch Windows 8.1 devices only when it will be a very good product and if there are gazillions of tablets out there. But let’s wait and see, maybe they manage to produce some magic.

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Avatar zayn

how to download it?

Avatar pk659

I am disabled and could benefit greatly from having the Cortana interface available on my desktop and laptop PCs. Do you think this is a viable outlook for a future app? There are a lot of us out here who depend heavily on our PCs to help with our daily functions. Speech recognition needs improvement and if I am not directly in front of my machine, I don’t know if the commands are carried out successfully. A virtual limited AI is definitely the future mode of computing.

Avatar Radu Tyrsina

am glad to announce you that Cortana will be present in desktop and laptops and will make its way once Windows 10 gets released. Follow our sister website for that –

Avatar Chris M.

I just recently purchased a laptop with Windows 8.1 and a touchscreen…upgraded from Windows 7. I am absolutely loving Windows 8 and the touchscreen because it is so user friendly! This morning I decided to try an upgrade to Windows 10 because I was very interested in Cortana (and she’s the only reason!). Well, much to my dismay, I felt like I took a big step back to the antiquated Windows 7!!! This said, I’m back to Windows 8.1 (so much better, in my opinion, for touchscreens)! I was very glad to get rid of the Classic start menu! I think Windows 10 is a very good compromise for users of Windows 7 who did not like WIndows 8! My only question now is if and when will Cortana be available on Windows 8.1 laptops/PCs/tablets?!?!? I talked to a Microsoft Tech and he told me probably never which is contrary to what I am reading. Please help! Thanks so much!

Avatar Jason Maggard

“To be honest, it’s really hard to imagine using such a tool on a desktop PC.”

Windows Tablets ARE mobile devices, duh. And they run the desktop operating system.

Avatar Flubby

We don’t need to wait for a WP update to see an update to Cortana. We’ve actually been watching her get updated for months. Cortana is based in the cloud, and they’ve been updating her on the backend every two weeks. Every time you speak to Cortana, part of the calculations are done on the phone and part in the cloud – they can update the cloud part whenever they want. Functions and jokes and recognition have all been improving since launch.
Couldn’t they release Cortana as an app? Obviously Joe Schmo couldn’t make a Cortana app because he doesn’t have access to the APIs – Microsoft has not opened the doors for other developers to make changes to the OS. But they made the OS themselves, they can do whatever they want. See Glance Background and Live Lock Screen apps.

Avatar dreadpirate

It would be great to have Cortana on the desktop. I’ve already seen Cortana’s improve on my phone without direct updates to the device. Excited to see what’s services are made available in the future!

Avatar Itzx Mi Alex

hope they will realese pc version too,. i love to have it :D.

Avatar Rob G

I for one would love to have Cortana on my Windows 8.1 tablet! They have Speaktoit Assistant and that’s pretty good, but I think Cortana on this tablet would be the coolest thing ever!!