Cricut Expression not working? Fix it easily in 2 steps

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cricut expression not working
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Is your Cricut Expression not working? Although this machine is superb and rugged, you may get errors here and there, which you can fix quickly based on the specific error message.

However, if the Cricut Expression is not working, try using a different browser and then reset it if changing browsers does not also work.

My Cricut Expression is not working. How do I fix it?

1. Use a different browser

use a recommended browser is cricut expression is not working

Cricut works with most web browsers, but its level of compatibility varies from browser to browser. While this is not always the reason why your Cricut Expression is not working, we recommend that you first use Cricut with a browser they recommend before proceeding.

The internet browsers recommended to use with Cricut are UR Browser, Mozilla Firefox, and Edge. For an in-depth comparison of these browsers, check out this guide.

2. Reset the machine

if cricut expression is not working, reset it

  1. Power on the device and ensure that you do not load a cartridge.
  2. Roll all the gray dials – speed, pressure, and size – down to their lowest settings.
  3. Next, using two fingers, pull the gray carriage car unit using the gold or green cylinder blade.
  4. Locate a red button around where the gray carriage car sits. Press and hold the button for a few seconds.
  5. Release the buttons and return the gray carriage to its original position.
  6. Next, to eliminate bugs, roll every dial to the top and then back down. For all the dials, repeat this procedure three times.
  7. Finally, press Cut and power off the machine and allow it to prepare for around 20 minutes.
  8. After that, load a cartridge, power the machine back on.

When your Cricut Expression is not working, try using a different web browser – preferably a recommended one. The solution is to reset the machine; you can do this following the steps in the guide above.

If you reset the Cricut machine, and it still does not work, your device may be faulty, and so, you may have to reach out to the support team.

You can call the toll-free line at 1-877-727-4288 or discuss it with the community at

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