4 Best decentralized email clients for Windows 10/11

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Key notes

  • Decentralized email clients have become increasingly popular today, with all the threats in the online world.
  • We present some of the best apps for you to try in order to have more secure protection over your emails. 
  • There are several benefits you may take advantage of choosing a safe decentralized email client that you will discover here. 
  • So either you want to protect your work email data or personal sensitive files, such software can definitely help you out. 
best decentralized email clients

Email privacy is a very important issue nowadays. Reports about hacked email accounts or leaked passwords pop up almost every day.

Taking into account these email security issues, many email users installed additional email security software to protect their electronic messages. Others preferred to switch to a different email client that had better reviews in terms of security.

Speaking of alternative email clients, decentralized email platforms are an excellent choice when it comes to email privacy and security. These solutions rely on blockchain technology to transfer and save your emails.

There are a series of advantages to using decentralized emails:

  • There are no central servers to store your messages, emails are store in the blockchain
  • Third-parties can’t access your emails, only you can access them
  • Hacking attempts are quickly identified and rejected

So, if you’re looking for a reliable decentralized email client to use on your Windows 10 computer, you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’re going to list the best decentralized email platforms available today as well as their main features.

Which are the top decentralized email services to use today?


ProtonMail is not based on blockchain technology but uses very strong end-to-end encryption protocols that make it impossible for anyone to access your emails.

Absolutely all your emails are secured automatically and nobody can decrypt, read, or share them with third parties.

Your emails are encrypted on every network nod. Emails are encrypted even before they reach ProtonMail’s infrastructure. Then, when the network redirects your message to the recipient, it transmits it in an encrypted form.

This double encryption solution reduces the risk of message interception to zero.

ProtonMail doesn’t require you to add any personal information when creating your email account. There are no IP logs stored either.

It is worth mentioning that the ProtonMail code is open source and you can check it out on GitHub at any time. The project gets its fund through donations and paid accounts.



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Mailbird is a popular, lightweight email client used by over 2 million people worldwide presently.

It is mostly preferred for the productivity hacks that it brings, with all the customizable features and options that are just one click away. Indeed, when using Mailbird you can make the most of your tasks and enjoy an intuitive and smooth email experience at the same time.

This said, not only you get all your emails and contacts from multiple accounts in one single place. Mailbird also supports integration with other useful apps like Google Calendar, Twitter, or Asana so that you can easily manage all your tasks from the same app.

In terms of privacy, the app supports full encryption of your account to and from their servers. Mailbird stores your emails only on your local device, as expected. 

Mailbird lets you set up any number of identities for each account that you use. Thus, you get to choose whether you want to send emails via the main account’s SMTP server or one tied to the address (to avoid delivery problems). 



Manage multiple email accounts and contacts in a single Inbox with this top decentralized email client for Windows.
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As its name suggests, CryptaMail is an email platform that automatically encrypts all your emails making them 100% private and secure.

With CryptaMail, you’re the only one who can access your emails, there are no central servers and third-parties involved in the email platforms’ architecture.

As the team behind the project explains: Even we cannot locate your messages or derive your password, ever. ONLY those who know your password have access.

Your messages are not stored on a physical server, they are kept on the blockchain which guarantees the secure transmission of transactions. CryptaMail is built on the NxtCoin protocol.

The platform is currently in beta but you can already test it and reserve your username.

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The decentralized email technology is at the beginning. There are many interesting decentralized email projects in the works and we’re sure they’ll become available to the general public in the near future.

One of them is Proemtheus. While this email platform is still a work in progress, the idea behind it is really interesting and useful.

Proemtheus is planning to reverse how email works by detaching your emails from the network. Instead, your emails are transmitted and validated by all the users taking part in the blockchain.

In this manner, all your emails are encrypted and you become immune to ransomware and other similar threats.

Hence this software comes with great features in terms of email security, with the mission to protect the users and rethink the conventional idea of data-centric media companies.

Get Proemtheus

There you go, these are the best decentralized email platforms and projects that are available to users at the moment.

Many email users are becoming more and more aware of the privacy issues that major email platforms bring and want to take full control over their data.

We’re sure that decentralized email platforms are heading to mass adoption and will become really successful in the future.

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