Delicious: Emily’s Christmas Carol is a fun cooking game for Windows PCs

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What is the best part of Christmas? It’s most definitely, the presents and delicious treats. Although it is a little too early to get cooking, you can always have a little fun. Developed by Blue Giraffe and Gamehouse, Delicious – Emily’s Christmas Carol is a time management game in which you prepare food and serve it to customers.

There is an elaborate tutorial at the beginning of the very first level to get you a acquainted with its gameplay. If you are a pro player of Delicious’ games, you can always choose to skip it. To keep players on track, the game also frequently offers hints  and tips. You can always turn them off from the settings pane if they break your rhythm by popping up.

The plot of Delicious: Emily’s Christmas Carol

The core plot of the game doesn’t stray far from the previous games in the series: Emily is a young entrepreneur who wants to make the festive occasion even jollier. With the assistance of her friends and family, she sets up a small business to sell all sorts of winter goodies.

Everything else is pretty basic: there are paying customers who place orders. The better the customer service, the greater the tip. Satisfaction level can be determined by their facial expressions and number of hearts shown next to them. So, the flow is quite natural.

The game is divided into chapters and levels. There are 7 chapters and a total of 61 levels in the game – at least for now.

There are several rewards and trophies that gamers can earn throughout the game, either by completing challenges or scoring points.

Find the game interesting? Grab it from Steam now for $13.00. If you purchase the bundle with the Christmas Carol soundtrack, you’ll get 10% off. Don’t forget to check for the minimum system requirements before purchasing the game.

Delicious: Emily’s Christmas Carol system requirements

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: 1.6 GHZ
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 541 MB available space


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