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Here at Wind8Apps we have covered some of the best torrent apps to use with your Windows 8 device, including, the desktop version of uTorrent and its touch alternative, as well. Now, we’re have a look at Deluge Connect for those Windows 8 users having an interest in this BitTorrent client.
windows 8 deluge app
For those who don’t know, Deluge is a free software, open source and cross-platform BitTorrent client and this app makes it available for Windows 8 touch device owners. We won’t go over which torrent client is best – uTorrent or Deluge as each one has its ups and downs; but there are definitely enough Deluge users, despite the fact that uTorrent is the leader.

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This app brings Deluge to Windows 8 touch devices

Manage your Deluge queue from your couch! Check out your downloads or snag the next episode from any Windows 8 device. Deluge Connect is a management client for Deluge, a popular BitTorrent client. After enabling the Web UI feature in the Deluge preferences, Deluge Connect enables you to connect to and manage your Deluge queue from any Windows 8 device. Deluge Connect opens .torrent files and catches .torrent and magnet URIs from Internet Explorer, so no more tedious copying and pasting.

Deluge Connect for Windows 8 is really simple to use and no matter the expertise and experience in working with Deluge, every users will find the app very simple and easy to set up. Inside the app you can enjoy plenty of useful features, such as the following:

  • View grouped torrents by label
  • Add .magnet or .torrent links from Internet Explorer
  • Add .torrent files directly from Windows Explorer
  • Sort by name, status, ETA, queue position, added or completed date
  • Play, pause or remove groups of selected torrents
  • Add and manage multiple Deluge servers.
  • Search torrents by their Name or Tag.

Those who have been using Deluge know that it was among the first torrent clients to introduce support for magnet links, as well. Deluge is also known to be a really lightweight application, and the app has a ridiculously small amount of 0.6 megabytes. Follow the link from below to get it on your Windows 8 tablets and desktop systems.

Download Deluge Connect app for Windows 8


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