Top 5 dictionary browser extensions you need to try

Matthew Adams
by Matthew Adams
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If you’ve got a Web page open with some heavy jargon in it, it might be handy to have a dictionary at hand. Then you can look up some of the jargon for further clarification.

There are numerous dictionary extensions available for the foremost browsers that provide you with a quick dictionary. These are some of the best dictionary browser extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Need a dictionary while browsing the internet? Check  out these extensions

  1. Google Dictionary
  2. Dictionary Pop-Up
  3. Dictionary Tooltip
  4. Instant Dictionary
  5. Dictionary Anywhere (Google Translate Anywhere)

1. Google Dictionary

This is an extension developed by Google for its Chrome browser. Consequently, the add-on integrates with the Google search engine to give you definitions.

The great thing about this extension is that you can double-click any word to look it up in the dictionary. That opens the bubble shown in the shot directly below.

This also works with foreign languages as a translation tool. Alternatively, you can click the Google Dictionary toolbar button to enter text into a dictionary search box instead. It can also save words that you look up.

google dictionary extension

2. Dictionary Pop-Up is an exclusive Firefox add-on you can add to the browser from this Web page. This is pretty similar to Google Dictionary, except that it’s integrated with

As such, you can double-click words in a page to open the definition bubble shown in the snapshot directly below and then click More to open

The good thing about this add-on is that it also includes options for you to customize the pop-up bubble’s fonts with.

dictionary pop-up extension

3. Dictionary Tooltip

Dictionary Tooltip is another great Firefox dictionary add-on available at this page, and you can also add it to Chrome from here. Like Google Dictionary and Dictionary Pop-Up, you can double-click words on a page to look them up; or you can also select the text and press Ctrl + Shift + K to open the window directly below.

However, what really elevates this add-on above some of the others is that it enables you to look up words with multiple dictionaries by clicking Show Dictionaries and then selecting alternatives from the drop-down menu. The note tool on its window can also come in handy.

dictionary tooltip extension

4. Instant Dictionary

This is a Google Chrome dictionary extension integrated with You can look up words by double-clicking them on the page much the same as the others.

However, you can also select the text and then press the D button to automatically enter a word in the extension’s search box. Furthermore, the extension also includes extra configuration options for trigger keys and the font size.

5. Dictionary Anywhere (Google Translate Anywhere)

This is a great dictionary extension for both Opera and Firefox. Click here to add it to Opera, or you can add it to Firefox from this page. Dictionary Anywhere enables you to select words in pages for definitions. However, unlike some of the others, it’s also a translation tool.

When you click the extension’s button, it will open the window below that provides a definition and includes translate options. Furthermore, you can also click Search to look up the word in the Google search engine instead. In addition, it includes a Copy button that you can press to copy text to the Clipboard.

google translate extension

With these dictionary tools, you can now quickly look up jargon in website pages open in Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Those that include translate options can also help translate pages, but there are better translation extensions available.

My favorite is Dictionary Anywhere as its text Search and Copy tools can come in handy.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October 2016 and has been since completely revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.