Kodi is an application with global success. The convenient open source media center has been able to impose itself on the market. Another plus is the availability of add-ons, official or not, which further expand its capabilities.

There are more than 40 million users of the application in its various versions. A large percentage of them do not exploit Kodi with official add-ons, but rather for unofficial ones.

Are all VPNs suitable for use with Kodi?

First of all, if you use Kodi correctly, you will need a VPN if you really care about your privacy. You must know that not all services are the same and guarantee the same level of security.

Firstly, no free VPN is suitable for use with Kodi since free VPNs not only expose their users’ IP addresses but also their traffic.

Free VPNs often profile their users and sell their browsing data to stay in business.

Don’t know what VPN to use with Kodi? Check out this list and choose the right one for you.

Which VPNs for Kodi we recommend and why?

We recommend only referenced services that make the protection of the privacy of their users their own mission. So we choose and recommend only services that are known for their “no-log” policy.

The quality services all boast of not keeping logs and try to implement the best security protocols to guarantee the privacy of their users’ data.

The use of the right security protocol is of critical importance to maintain anonymity and security of all traffic.

The VPN that we recommend are the following:

Both are paid options and rather reliable, so you can’t go wrong. Although, NordVPN offers more servers and it’s overall a better package for the money, especially if you choose a long-term subscription.

Do VPNs improve streaming?

The answer is no. In general, VPN services do not serve this purpose. The best VPN service will never exceed the speed of your network.  So, there should be no improvement to the streaming of content via a VPN connection.

Experiencing slow Internet connection issues? These fixes will definitely solve your problem.

How do I use VPNs with Kodi?

You can proceed in two ways, the first is very simple, the second slightly more complex and compatible with a smaller number of services.

The first method is to start your VPN on the platform where you are going to use Kodi. Once the service has started the server connection has been established, you can start Kodi. All your traffic will be routed through the service.

The second method uses the handy VPN Manager add-on, but the add-on is not compatible with all systems and many services. If the VPN service you have chosen is compatible, you will find on its website a guide on the correct configuration.

Pick your VPN

Now you have a good idea of the kind of providers to turn to if you’re in the market searching for a reliable VPN connection for Kodi.

We welcome your comments on how your experience was with these providers if you happen to try them out. We’ll be glad to respond to any questions you might have.