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When it comes to screen capture software, one of the best tools that you have at your disposal is the Ezvid software, a well known product in this market. The software is also known because it is a really easy tool to upload directly to Youtube
download ezvid windows 8
I have been using myself the Ezvid software to quickly upload videos to Youtube with my own blog, so I can gladly recommend it to anybody who is looking for a hassle-free screen capture tool. The software can be downloaded absolutely for free (download link at the end), but you can donate to the developer if you want to support their work. One of the reasons why Ezvid is so popular is that it is really easy to use by everybody, as its commands are very basic and easy to understand.

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Albeit Ezvid doesn’t mention this officially on their website, the software works flawlessly with Windows 8.1 10, and I can confirm this myself. When starting your first project with Ezvid, you will be able to capture the screen separately and then add your own audio or your voice. It also comes with some basic editing tools, such as the ability to add text, pictures or more videos.

When recording your own video, you can also add your watermark, if you want to further brand and protect your creations. When you are finished recording, you can easily upload to Youtube and you get to choose the quality that you want. I always choose the 720p version, despite the fact that it takes longer, at least I know I will be getting the best quality. The single downside is the fact that Ezvid always adds its logo at the beginning, so you will have to go to Youtube an trim it from there.

Get Ezvid software for Windows 8, 10

Ezvid 1.003

This update dates from August 19, 2015 and has fixed a false ezvid already open warning. Furthermore, the Google API libraries have been updated, as well.

Ezvid 1.002

Released in April 24, 2015, it brought bug fixes to YouTube uploader and fixed installer errors, as well. The previous 1.001 update only contained a couple of minor bug fixes.

Ezvid 1.0

This was released in April 13, 2015 and comes with the following features:

  • SHA256 code signing certificates for maximum security
  • Massive number of new video file formats supported
  • Transcoding performance increases
  • Improved support for x64 Windows
  • Improved screen recording performance
  • Improved multi-core support and multi-threaded cpu support
  • YouTube V3 API support
  • Improved non-English support
  • Improved screen capture stability
  • Improved YouTube upload reliability

ezvid latest version download

Download Ezvid for Windows 8, 10 [Size 1.3 MB, Version, Updated November 8, 2013]

We can see that Ezvid hasn’t been updated in quite a while, but this means that the latest version is just great as it comes with some important improvements in their security certificates. Also, Ezvid has replaced a screen drawing stamp” to appease society’s gorgonizing effect on our senses of humor”. We will keep you informed when the next version of Ezvid gets launched, so stay tuned.


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