How we rate and review the software we recommend

Every day, thousands of people land on WindowsReport looking for the best software needed to perform a certain action. They trust us with the analysis and care for details, so they can download and install in peace their desired tool.

At WindowsReport we scan our programs to ensure they are virus free and safe for you. We do it by uploading the latest versions of the programs we analyzed on databases of such tools as VirusTotal.

Once downloaded on your computer, you still need to run regular virus checks as there is obviously no failproof environment.

We also aggregate data from antivirus products and other online scan engines to check for viruses. But from time to time, the are false positives. If you believe we might accidentally recommended something that is doing more harm than good, please reach out to us.

Furthermore, when it comes to business software, we are making use of an in-house algorithm that looks at actual reviews that current users left on social platforms, blogs, forums, through the form of comments, articles, and many more.

Our proprietary technology can collect all this data by crawling through major online marketplaces and retailers in realĀ­time. Then we connect the data with a real software editor and make sure that what we push on our site will be of real help to you.