How to download Kyocera printer drivers for Windows 10

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Windows Update usually automatically updates printer drivers. However, that won’t be the case if you’ve switched off Windows Update. If that’s so, then your Kyocera printer driver might need updating. If your Kyocera printer isn’t printing correctly, updating an outdated driver could fix it. This is how to download and update Kyocera printer drivers for Windows 10.

Updating Kyocera Printer Drivers in Windows Device Manager

  1. Update drivers automatically
  2. Manually Updating Kyocera Printer Drivers
  3. Updating Kyocera Printer Drivers with DriverAgent

1. Update drivers automatically

The Windows Device Manager lists devices and provides driver details for them. There, you should be able to, by using Windows Update, get the latest available driver. It’s not exactly an “automatic” approach, but it’s the simplest way to obtain missing drivers.

  1. You can update Kyocera printer drivers with Device Manager by pressing the Win key + X hotkey and selecting Device Manager from the menu.
  2. Now click Printers and right-click the Kyocera printer. Select Update Driver Model on the context menu to open the window below.
  3. Select the Search automatically for updated driver software option on the Update Driver Software window.
  4. Windows might then find a more update Kyocera printer driver to download.



2. Manually Updating Kyocera Printer Drivers

Or you can search for and download a Kyocera printer driver yourself. First, note down your exact Kyocera printer model number, which will be in its manual. In addition, you’ll also need details for whether your Windows platform is 64 or 32-bit, which you can check by entering ‘system’ into the Cortana search box and selecting to open the System tab shown directly below. Then you can download a Kyocera printer driver as follows.

  1. You can save Kyocera drivers to Windows from the manufacturer website. Click here to open the Support and Download page on the Kyocera website.
  2. Click Download under your country or region.
  3. Then select Print from the Product Category drop-down menu.
  4. Next, click the Product drop-down menu and select your Kyocera printer model number from there.
  5. Press the Go button to open a list of drivers for the Kyocera printer.
  6. Then you can click a Windows 10 driver listed there to download it.
  7. Note that the U.S. drop-down menus on the site aren’t entirely the same as the other countries. In the U.S. Download Center, you select slightly more specific printer categories, Technical Resources from a Resource Category drop-down menu and Print Drivers from a Sub-Category menu.
  8. Alternatively, you can also download drivers from driver database sites. For example, click here to open the DriverGuide site that includes Kyocera printer drivers.
  9. Then you can click the Free Download button beside the required Kyocera printer driver to save it to Windows.


3. Updating Kyocera Printer Drivers with DriverAgent

You can also download and update Kyocera printer drivers with driver update utilities. DriverAgent is one program that you can scan for out-of-date or missing Kyocera printer drivers with. Then it will provide further details for outdated drivers so you can update them. That isn’t freeware, but you can add a shareware version of the software to Windows from the publisher’s site.

So you can download and update Kyocera printer drivers from the manufacturer website and driver databases or with Device Manager and the DriverAgent update utility. If you download the driver from the manufacturer’s site, you’ll then need to open the driver setup wizard to install it. Also, note that some drivers might come in a ZIP format that you’ll need to extract first.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2017 and has been since completely revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.


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