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TeamViewer is one of the most popular and most used Windows software packages when it comes to remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers. It has become almost synonymous with remote desktop support, being used by millions across the world.

In this particular article, we are going to try and keep track of all the significant updates which have been released for TeamViewer and will provide direct download links for all Windows users.

Thus, if you’re a TeamViewer user who is on Windows and you want to stay updated with all the important changes that are taking place, you can go ahead and bookmark this particular page to make sure you won’t miss any.

TeamViewer for Windows: download the latest version

We are going to keep track of all the major changes divide by their most important versions. Currently, TeamViewer is at version 11, and we will be adding new sections as the software gets updated. For the direct download links, reach the end of this article.

Download TeamViewer 11

download teamviewer for windows

TeamViewer 11.0.52465 

Here’s how the changelog looks like for TeamViewer 11.0.52465, and we can see there are plenty of fixes, but also some nice new features:

Option to receive ‘insider builds’ is now available
Added notification with unread conversation count in chat icon of Computers & Contacts list
Improved hover behavior in the toolbar
‘Computer sounds’ checkbox in the toolbar is now in ‘Communicate’ menu
Fixed a bug that sometimes made the screen flicker on Windows 10
Fixed some bugs which caused crashes during a file transfer session
Fixed a bug which caused the sound to be broken when converting recorded sessions from .tvs to avi
Fixed a bug which caused missing or double messages in chat conversations
Fixed a bug that cameras weren’t identified after update
Solved some other issues which caused crashes
Minor improvements and fixes

Download Links for TeamViewer

We will be constantly updating this particular link where you can download the latest version of TeamViewer, and we ensure that it’s totally safe. Also, do check out the official download page on where you can get other products from the company that could help enrich your experience with the software.


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