How to fix EasyAntiCheat error messages in Ubisoft games

By: Madeleine Dean
3 minute read

Many For Honor players have complained about various EasyAntiCheat error messages lately. It seems that the anti-cheating tool erroneously blocks players from entering the game. After a thorough search on the web, it appears that this is actually a common issue on Ubisoft’s games.

Here’s how one player describes this issue:

easyanticheat banned 0006000043
Spent hours of playing, practicing to get better, with less than 50% of win rate, and get banned for just adjusting my controls. Basicly i just give away my $70 for this. help?

Fortunately, Ubisoft published a list of workarounds to fix the annoying EasyAntiCheat error messages on all its games.

How to fix EasyAntiCheat errors

1. Make sure that Uplay is up to date > verify the install status of the game.

2. If the error message occurs when you install the game, follow the troubleshooting steps listed on EasyAntiCheat’s help website.

3. If the error message occurs when you launch Uplay, follow the instructions listed on this support page.

4. If you get an error message while running the game (the most frequently encountered situation), this may be triggered by game integrity violations or multiplayer issues.

Fix EasyAntiCheat game integrity violation errors

1. Corrupted memory: This error can occur if the physically installed RAMs are defective and cause runtime memory corruption. Check that your game installation is up-to-date.

2.Corrupted packet flow: This error may occur if there is heavy packet loss in multiplayer. Try joining another multiplayer session with low latency.

3. Forbidden system configuration: This error is triggered if the Windows Kernel Patch Protection was been disabled or modified. This error is a strong indicator of a rootkit virus infection. Run a full system anti-virus scan or re-install Windows.

4. Forbidden tool: This error occurs when there’s a hacking tool running in background. Make sure there are no unknown programs running with the Windows Task Manager. Restart Windows to fully unload the hacking tools from the system.

5. Internal anti-cheat error: A hack attempt to the anti-cheat core was detected. Check that your game installation is up-to-date.

6. Missing required file: You’re running an outdated game version or manually deleted game files on disk. Check that your game installation is up-to-date.

7. Unknown file version: You’re running an outdated game version or manually deleted game files on disk. Check that your game installation is up-to-date.

8. Unknown game file: An unknown file that is not part of the game installation was loaded from the game directory. Close the running game and then delete the file inside the game directory.

9. Untrusted system file: The game loaded a system dll that failed an integrity check. Use Microsoft’s System File Checker tool: launch Command Prompt as admin > type sfc /scannow and wait for the scanning process to complete. Then run a full anti-virus system scan. Addionally, make sure that all available updates have been installed through Windows Update.

Fix EasyAntiCheat multiplayer issues:

1. Host or peer validation failed

2. Kicked: EAC Disconnected: This message indicates a client-side connectivity issue with your PC and the EasyAntiCheat network. Make sure that your anti-virus and/or firewall is not blocking the connection to EasyAntiCheat’s DNS address:

Always launch the game through Steam and not directly from the game directory. Otherwise, the game may start without anti-cheat protection, thus failing to authenticate with game servers.


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