FIFA 15 Ultimate Team for Windows 8, 10 [Review]

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has been released for quite a few days on the Windows Store, but only now have we decided to give it a review and see whether it’s worth your time or not. Find the review below.
fifa 15 ultimate team fame windows 8
First of all, what you need to know is that we’re reviewing the official FIFA 15: Ultimate Team app from the Windows Store, which can be downloaded and installed on Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 devices in the future, when it will become broadly available. This version of the game has been made with mobile devices in mind, but it can also be easily played with your keyboard and mouse, and as you’ll see in the videos from below, this is exactly how I’m playing it.

What needs to be said beforehand is that the version for PlayStation or Xbox gaming consoles is far more advanced, so if you like the FUT concept that much and you also own one of these, I’d say to go for that. But if you have a Windows tablet or you just want to have it downloaded on your Windows 8 or 10 laptop or desktop device, then this is the version you need to try out.

Inside the FIFA 15: Ultimate Team menu

The video from above walks you through the menu of the FIFA 15: Ultimate Team game for Windows 8, 10 devices and what you can accomplish inside. If you know they FUT idea, then you know that Ultimate Team is all about buying and selling new players in order to build the most competitive squad that you will need to advance in divisions. For winning games you get coins, and you use these to buy players, club consumables, managers and more.

fut windows 10

As you can see, there is a bunch of various rewards that you will get, so when you run short of coins, just go ahead and check what other quests you can finish. There are 4 categories – recommended, learn, play and manage. You’ll find various challenges available in each of these.

fut 15 windows

When you will find new players through the Transfer Market, what you need to pay attention most of all is the chemistry. As you probably know by now, it is positively influenced if you pick players either from the same country, league or even the same club. And you also need to assign them on their positions, or else they won’t play as good as they could. Or, you could use a ‘position’ card on them to help them learn new things.
fut 15 error servers

Unfortunately, just as the Android counterpart, there are still many problems with their servers, and what’s most annoying is that these mainly occur either when you’re bidding for a new player or after a game in simulation mode has ended. A real let-down from EA, especially that this problem has been around for weeks now.


auction error fifa ultimate teamfifa 15 ultimate team windows

When a game is ended, you will get awarded coins for various tasks, such as goals, shots on target, tackles, corners, pass accuracy and others. You can also switch to match facts for more details and to player facts to see what scores they got. Scoring a lot of goals is a good strategy to making sure you never run out of coins.

fifa 15 ultimate team windows game

When purchasing a pack, you need to assign the new items in your club. If you don’t like that much what you have obtained, you can either quick sell them all, which is not a good idea, since you will only be getting some coins; or, you can make a quick action and transfer them. You can also put them to the transfer list.

Playing the game

The graphics are just like on other mobile devices, so if you’ve played the game on Android, iOS or Windows Phone, this is just about the same. However, there are glitches, don’t you worry. Just have a look at the screenshot from below. Yes, what in God’s name was my player doing in the net? I guess that doesn’t qualify as offside…
fut windows 8 glitch

The camera are also pretty basic and I honestly was hoping for a broader selection, especially one that would allow me to see the game just as the player does. fifa 15 ultimate team windows 10 fifa 15 ultimate team windows 10 game

The simulation mode is a quick way to progress through divisions in order to get to the top. That is, of course, if you don’t want to play on the lower divisions. But it’s pretty fun there, as well. fifa 15 ultimate team windows 10 game soccer fifa 15 ultimate team windows 8.1Here’s how your squad looks like. The chemistry, as I’ve already explained, is linked to the country, league and club similarity between the players. Sometimes it can be a real pain in the ass to get a great chemistry, but in the end you’ll manage to reach 100.

fifa 15 ultimate team windows 8.1 review

And if you’re short of cash, there’s always the FIFA points, which can cost quite a lot. 12,000 FIFA points will cost you around $100…

fifa 15 ultimate team windows 8.1 gameWhat I disliked about the game is that there’s no love for keyboard users. I still didn’t figure out how to dribble, and I think I pressed all they keys on the keyboard. The same thing goes for lobbing the goalie. On touchscreens, everything’s much more intuitive, and you have dedicated controls for every action.

However, when compared to the Xbox and PS versions, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team for Windows lacks a bunch of things, from the graphics department to the AI which is in many occasions favored. Many times, the opponent players would just fault me and steal the ball in an obvious violation, but they’d get clean. When you are slightly touching them, it’s immediately foul.

Shooting at the net is also not that easy. On touchscreen devices, you can apply a finesse shot (and even there are problems) but here you just have the shoot button which, as always, is on the D button.

So, as a wrap-up, this game is worth getting if you own a Windows touchscreen, and if you’re on keyboard and mouse, you can still play it, but you’ll be frustrated from its drawbacks.

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