Here’s a new blue-grey Fluent Design File Explorer concept

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If you don’t like the current File Explorer design, you may want to check out this new File Explorer concept. As you can see in the screenshot below, this concept proposes a grey-dominated UI.

The mind behind this new design is Reddit user MorphicSn0w.

This design idea received rather mixed feedback. Many Windows 10 users suggested that monochrome isn’t good for usability as it makes it much harder to distinguish between different icons.

Perhaps the selected file should have it’s “background strip” slightly tinted as well, to make it a little more obvious which line is selected.

I really like the way it looks, but like most other people are saying, I’d have to use it to properly judge it. Also, color would be nice to have, it really does help to distinguish files

Redditors also added that the removable drives on the left pane should have an eject icon next to them for quick access. They also said that there’s too much vertical space is wasted.

The good news is that we may soon have an improved Fluent Design File Explorer concept — this time a bit more colorful. MorphicSn0w promised to take user feedback into account and improve the first design.

Thanks for the feedback people! I’ll attempt a revised concept with more colour and character.

Other users suggest that the next design should actually bring a dark theme to the table. Indeed, while many Windows 10 elements support a dark theme, File Explorer has yet to catch up.

Just give me a proper dark theme.
You can set Windows to use a dark theme but Explorer has not caught up yet.
They are apparently working on this though, with a full replacement. No easy task, I know, but at least overhaul the UI to make it fit with the rest of the O/S.

So, what do you think about this grey File Explorer concept? Would you like to see it on Windows 10? 


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