Find Your Way Around any City with PlaceMap for Windows 8, Windows 10

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
Windows & Software Expert
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PlaceMap is one of the best map apps to be used with your Windows 10, Windows 8 device, read below to find more about and if it’s worth installing on your tablet


Even though most of our devices support turn by turn navigation naively, there is always the need for something better. For Windows 8, Windows 10 users, that something better is called PlaceMap. A service that allows you to find any point of interest near you with only a few clicks.

Although we have been accustomed to Google’s navigation for some time, this app provides a better and easier way to find anything around you, by using the native maps from Windows and the database from Google Places. Together, these two make one app that is perfect for travelers or residents alike.

First look at the app

The app is pretty straightforward: it provides a map, a search box and a list of search suggestions. All you need to do it provide your location (if will prompt you when you first enter the app, but in my case, as with the native Windows maps, it didn’t find my location accurately). After your location is set, you have a huge list of search criteria, or you can search manually for something.

After you select one item from the results, it will automatically create a route to that place. The directions are very well listed, and they are very easy to follow. A nice feature they could have implemented is voice guided navigation, but I hope in future updates we will see this option.


One thing that I did not like about PlaceMap is its fixation to Windows maps. I would have preferred to have the possibility to change to Google Maps, but for now, this will do just fine. Also, the custom destination marker does not work that well (I did manage to make it work after a few tries), but nevertheless, this app has great potential.


Short Overview and Conclusion

  • Fast search and directions
  • Search by Type table with lots of possible search options
  • Custom Directions (although it has a few minor bugs)
  • Slightly problematic location detection
  • Only Windows maps available, no possibility to use Google Maps
  • Aerial and bird’s eye view of the map

Overall, the app is a good navigation service that works pretty decent (for the time being), with lots of options and despite its minor setbacks, I would recommend it for those in need of a fast navigation app that works well and provides very easy to follow routes. Test out the app and give us your feedback on how it works for you, or other apps that work best for you.