Finish Trials of the Blood Dragon demo and get the full game for FREE

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You now have the chance to get the Trials of the Blood Dragon for free. However, in order to do this, you will need to finish the demo version of the game before July 22, 2016.

Trials of the Blood Dragon was released last month for Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC. As expected, the game came with elements found in the previous games of the series. In addition, the game comes with some racing features a wide array of vehicles and accessories like rocket packs, tanks, other bikes and more.

Below you can see the story trailer of the Trials of the Blood Dragon:

Ubisoft is now trying to promote this game by offering people a free download of the demo version of Trials of the Blood Dragon for Windows PC. Gamers who play and complete the demo by July 22, 2016 while having no more than 15 faults, will receive a free version of the full game.

Trials of the Blood Dragon can be purchased from Steam for $14.99 and you can download the demo from Uplay application. Once you install the demo version of the game on your device, you will be able to start testing your skills and see if you are able to grab the full version of the game for free.

Will you try to finish the demo of this game with less than 15 faults or you will prefer to purchase it? Tell us your thoughts about this game!


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