Firefox lets you open downloaded PDFs with Edge PDF Reader

Don Sharpe
by Don Sharpe
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  • Microsoft Edge PDF Reader is the default app for opening PDFs in Windows 10.
  • Firefox now lets you open downloaded PDFs with the default (system) PDF viewer.
  • Check out our PDF Files section for tips and guides to troubleshooting your PDF docs. 
  • To catch up on the latest Mozilla Firefox news and updates, head on over to  the Firefox page.
Firefox system PDF viewer options
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As you probably know, Microsoft Edge PDF Reader is the default app for opening PDFs in Windows 10. So, when Firefox lets you open the documents with the system viewer, it may be letting you use Edge for that purpose.

Opening Firefox’s downloaded PDFs using Edge PDF Reader

Gone are the days when you required Acrobat Reader to open PDFs. With common browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox offering built-in PDF readers, you no longer have to deal with the troubles of installing or troubleshooting Acrobat Reader.

But each browser’s PDF reader has its own unique features, shortcomings, and strengths. Well, as the folks at Techdows discovered recently, Firefox is joining Chrome in letting you use Open in System Viewer or Always Open in System Viewer to read downloaded PDFs.

To check out this update, press Ctrl + J in Firefox to access the PDFs you downloaded using the browser. When you right click on a PDF, the context menu that comes up includes the new options for viewing PDFs:

  • Open in System Viewer: This option lets you open the document in the default PDF reader just once.
  • Always Open in System Viewer: This option lets you view PDFs in the default app all the time. Therefore, clicking on a downloaded PDF opens it right away, always.

Of course, you can set the default PDF viewer to another app instead of Microsoft Edge PDF Reader in Windows. In that case, the other app you select will be launching your PDF documents if you choose any of the Open in System options in Firefox.

The Edge PDF Reader itself received fresh enhancements recently, including the ability to highlight words or sentences when reading a PDF. Have you figured out how to use the Edge PDF-reading tool yet? Try this guide we prepared for you!

Meanwhile, you may leave us a message in the comments section below to share your thoughts on the new options for viewing downloaded PDFs in Firefox.