How to fix Windows 10/11 upgrade stuck on getting updates

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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  • Updating your Windows 10 PC is important for keeping it fast and stable.
  • Many users have reported that sometimes their PC gets stuck on Windows Update.
  • The best way to fix this issue is to restart the Windows Update service.
  • The article below will guide you step-by-step on how to do that.
Windows upgrate to Windows 10

Once upon a time, Microsoft offered users the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

Years have passed since the free upgrade offer expired, but the good news is that you can still install Windows 10 on your computer completely for free.

All you need to do is download the Windows 10 update assistant on your machine, and follow the on-screen instructions – it’s that simple.

Even tough the process is quite straightforward and easy to implement, at least in theory, many of us came across an unpleasant situation.

The upgrade itself froze for hours on end, checking for updates. We figured there might be plenty of users out there facing the same issue, which is why we came up with these simple steps to help you with your stubborn update for Windows 10.

How can I fix a Windows 10 that is stuck on getting updates?

  1. Press Windows + R
  2. This command will automatically launch the dialogue box.
  3. Type services.msc, and look for the Windows Update Service
  4. Double-click it > Go to the General tab
  5. At Startup type, select Disabled
  6. Go to the following file path: C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution
  7. Delete all the files stored in that location.
  8. Restart your PC
  9. Go back to the Windows Update Service and restart the service.
  10. Go back to the Windows 10 Setup window
  11. The upgrade process will resume and successfully complete

Nobody knows for sure why this upgrade loophole still exists. Microsoft has yet to issue any comments on this situation. Some rumors suggest that Microsoft wants to reward curious users who visit the upgrade page even today.

After all, the company wants to see as many computers as possible on Windows 10, so why remove this opportunity? Either way, it’s highly unlikely that Microsoft simply forgot to shut down the Windows 10 upgrade channel.

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